Locations of Earthquakes off Fiji

The data set give the locations of 1000 seismic events of MB > 4.0. The events occurred in a cube near Fiji since 1964.


There are two clear planes of seismic activity. One is a major plate junction; the other is the Tonga trench off New Zealand. These data constitute a subsample from a larger dataset of containing 5000 observations.


A data frame with 1000 observations on 5 variables.

[,1] lat numeric
Latitude of event [,2] long
numeric Longitude [,3]
depth numeric Depth (km)
[,4] mag numeric
Richter Magnitude [,1] lat


This is one of the Harvard PRIM-H project data sets. They in turn obtained it from Dr. John Woodhouse, Dept. of Geophysics, Harvard University.

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library(datasets) require(graphics) pairs(quakes, main = "Fiji Earthquakes, N = 1000", cex.main = 1.2, pch = ".")
Documentation reproduced from package datasets, version 3.1.2, License: Part of R 3.1.2

Community examples

torjaialexa@gmail.com at May 1, 2019 datasets v3.6.0

funkcia=function(c,d,n){ f=c(1:n) for(i in 1: length(f)){ if(f[i]==c){f[i]="A"} else if(f[i]==d){ f[i]="B" } } print(f) } funkcia(3,4,5) getwd() dir.create("Zapocet1") setwd("C:\\Users\\pilin\\Documents\\Zapocet1") fileUrl = ("http://www.w3schools.com/xml/books.xml") download.file(fileUrl,destfile = "Zapocet1") install.packages("ggplot2") set.seed(9) library("data.table") tabulka= data.table(A=9:1, B=rep(c("c","d","e"),each=3),c=rnorm(9),D=1:9) tabulka tabulka$D[c(3,5)]=NA tabulka[tabulka$A] tabulka[D>4] mean(tabulka$c) tabulka[,E:=sum(A),by=B] tabulka all(tabulka$c>0) tabulka[,.N,by=B] sort(tabulka$c) library(base) quakes=quakes quakes par(mfrow=c(2,1)) hist(quakes$long,col="red",main = "udaje long",xlab = "X",ylab = "y", breaks=15) hist(quakes$mag,col="magenta",main = "udaje mag",xlab = "X",ylab = "y", breaks=25) library(ggplot2) qplot("stations" ,data=quakes,geom="density")