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by Hadley Wickham

A 'dplyr' Backend for Databases

A dplyr backend for databases that allows you to work with remote database tables as if they are in-memory data frames. Works with an database that has DBI backend.



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dbplyr is the database backend for dbplyr.

If you find any bugs, please file in dplyr.

Functions in dbplyr

Name Description
memdb_frame Create a database table in temporary in-memory database.
lazy_ops Lazy operations
build_sql Build a SQL string.
join.tbl_sql Join sql tbls.
do.tbl_sql Perform arbitrary computation on remote backend
named_commas Provides comma-separated string out ot the parameters
lahman Cache and retrieve an
copy_to.src_sql Copy a local data frame to a DBI backend.
testing Infrastructure for testing dplyr
partial_eval Partially evaluate an expression.
src_sql Create a "sql src" object
sql_variant Create an sql translator
reexports Objects exported from other packages
sql_quote Helper function for quoting sql elements.
tbl_sql Create an SQL tbl (abstract)
sql SQL escaping.
sql_build Build and render SQL from a sequence of lazy operations
translate_sql Translate an expression to sql.
src_dbi dplyr backend for any DBI-compatible database
win_over Generate SQL expression for window functions
nycflights13 Database versions of the nycflights13 data
db_copy_to More db generics
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Type Package
URL https://github.com/hadley/dbplyr
BugReports https://github.com/hadley/dbplyr/issues
VignetteBuilder knitr
LazyData yes
License MIT + file LICENSE
Collate 'cache.r' 'compat-purrr.R' 'data-lahman.r' 'data-nycflights13.r' 'db-compute.R' 'db-mysql.r' 'db-postgres.r' 'db-sqlite.r' 'dbi-s3.r' 'dbplyr.R' 'do.r' 'dplyr-generics.R' 'explain.r' 'lazy-ops.R' 'memdb.R' 'partial-eval.r' 'query.r' 'simulate.r' 'sql-build.R' 'sql-escape.r' 'sql-generic.R' 'sql-optimise.R' 'sql-query.R' 'sql-render.R' 'src-sql.r' 'src_dbi.R' 'tbl-lazy.R' 'tbl-sql.r' 'test-frame.R' 'testthat.r' 'translate-sql-helpers.r' 'translate-sql-window.r' 'translate-sql-base.r' 'translate-sql.r' 'utils-format.r' 'utils.r'
RoxygenNote 6.0.1
Roxygen list(markdown = TRUE, roclets = c("rd", "namespace", "collate"))
Remotes tidyverse/glue, hadley/dplyr

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