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by Hadley Wickham

Tools to make developing R code easier

Collection of package development tools

Functions in devtools

Name Description
dev_mode Activate and deactivate development mode.
load_all Load complete package.
load_code Load R code.
reload Detach and reload package.
as.package Coerce input to a package.
is.package Is the object a package?
build Build package in specified directory.
with_locale Evaluate code in specified locale.
check_doc Check documentation, as R CMD check does.
install_github Attempts to install a package directly from github.
changed_files Given vector of paths, return only those paths that have changed since the last invocation.
check Build and check a package, cleaning up automatically on success.
load_pkg_description Load package DESCRIPTION into convenient form.
release Release package to CRAN.
test Execute all test_that tests in a package
clean_source Sources an R file in a clean environment.
env_name Generate name of package development environment
wd Set working directory.
bash Open bash shell in package directory.
load_c Load C code.
show_rd Show an Rd file in a package.
show_news Show package news
build_win Build windows binary package.
pkg_env Generate an development environment for a package.
load_deps Load dependencies.
md5 Generate checksums for a vector of file paths.
find_code Find all R files in given directory.
load_data Load data.
clear_cache Clear file cache.
has_devel Check if you have a development environment installed.
install Install a package.
parse_collate Parse collate string into vector of function names.
run_examples Run all examples in a package.
clear_pkg_env Detach development environment
parse_deps Parse dependencies.
document Use roxygen to make documentation.
build_vignettes Build package vignettes.
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License MIT
Collate 'bash.r' 'build.r' 'check.r' 'common-mistakes.r' 'devel-mode.r' 'document.r' 'file-cache.r' 'has-devel.r' 'install.r' 'load-c.r' 'load-code.r' 'load-data.r' 'load.r' 'news.r' 'package-deps.r' 'package-env.r' 'package.r' 'release.r' 'reload.r' 'run-examples.r' 'system.r' 'test.r' 'utils.r' 'vignettes.r' 'os.r' 'zzz.r' 'wd.r' 'source.r'
Packaged 2011-12-07 16:19:20 UTC; hadley
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2011-12-07 17:07:26

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