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by Hadley Wickham

Tools to Make Developing R Packages Easier

Collection of package development tools.

Functions in devtools

Name Description
create_description Create a default DESCRIPTION file for a package.
dev_help Read the in-development help for a package loaded with devtools.
create Creates a new package, following all devtools package conventions.
check_cran Check a package from CRAN.
parse_deps Parse package dependency strings.
build Build package.
dev_mode Activate and deactivate development mode.
system.file Replacement version of system.file
clean_dll Remove compiled objects from /src/ directory
eval_clean Evaluate code in a clean R session.
use_readme_rmd Use README.Rmd
infrastructure Add useful infrastructure to a package.
load_imports Load all of the imports for a package
package_file Find file in a package.
check_man Check documentation, as R CMD check does.
dev_packages Return a vector of names of packages loaded by devtools
load_dll Load a compiled DLL
devtools Package development tools for R.
install_local Install a package from a local file
a A number.
load_code Load R code.
system_check Run a system command and check if it succeeds.
inst Get the installation path of a package
use_coveralls Deprecated Functions
install_svn Install a package from a SVN repository
run_pkg_hook Run user and package hooks.
reload Unload and reload package.
run_examples Run all examples in a package.
build_win Build windows binary package.
ns_env Return the namespace environment for a package.
install_url Install a package from a url
lint Lint all source files in a package.
source_url Run a script through some protocols such as http, https, ftp, etc.
check_dep_version Check that the version of an imported package satisfies the requirements
use_git Initialise a git repository.
test Execute all test_that tests in a package.
wd Set working directory.
submit_cran Submit a package to CRAN.
load_all Load complete package.
revdep_check_save_logs Run R CMD check on all downstream dependencies.
use_git_hook Add a git hook.
parse_ns_file Parses the NAMESPACE file for a package
install_version Install specified version of a CRAN package.
use_package Use specified package.
revdep Reverse dependency tools.
use_data_raw Use data-raw to compute package datasets.
check Build and check a package, cleaning up automatically on success.
loaded_packages Return a vector of names of attached packages
check_failures Parses R CMD check log file for ERRORs, WARNINGs and NOTEs
as.package Coerce input to a package.
dr_devtools Diagnose potential devtools issues
dev_meta Return devtools metadata environment
bash Open bash shell in package directory.
build_github_devtools Build the development version of devtools from GitHub.
pkg_env Return package environment
RCMD Run R CMD xxx from within R
install_deps Install package dependencies if needed.
install_bitbucket Install a package directly from bitbucket
use_build_ignore Add a file to .Rbuildignore
use_news_md Use
compiler_flags Default compiler flags used by devtools.
has_devel Check if you have a development environment installed.
release_checks Custom devtools release checks.
is.package Is the object a package?
compile_dll Compile a .dll/.so from source.
missing_s3 Find missing s3 exports.
dr_github Diagnose potential GitHub issues
setup_rtools Find rtools.
foofoo Test function for help
document Use roxygen to document a package.
on_path Test if an object is on the path.
use_github Connect a local repo with GitHub.
load_data Load data.
dev_example Run a examples for an in-development function.
help Drop-in replacements for help and ? functions
install_github Attempts to install a package directly from GitHub.
release Release package to CRAN.
clean_source Sources an R file in a clean environment.
devtest Return the path to one of the packages in the devtools test dir
github_pat Retrieve Github personal access token.
r_env_vars Environment variables to set when calling R
session_info Print session information
show_news Show package news
install Install a local development package.
has_tests Was devtools installed with tests?
use_data Use data in a package.
unload Unload a package
uninstall Uninstall a local development package.
build_vignettes Build package vignettes.
clean_vignettes Clean built vignettes.
find_topic Find the rd file that documents a topic.
imports_env Return imports environment for a package
path Get/set the PATH variable.
package_deps Find all dependencies of a CRAN or dev package.
source_gist Run a script on gist
use_github_links Add GitHub links to DESCRIPTION.
with_debug Temporarily set debugging compilation flags.
install_git Install a package from a git repository
github_pull GitHub references
update_packages Update packages that are missing or out-of-date.
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