Package development tools for R.

Package development tools for R.

Package options

Devtools uses the following options to configure behaviour:

  • devtools.path: path to use fordev_mode
  • your name, used when signing draft emails.
  • devtools.install.args: a string giving extra arguments passed toR CMD installbyinstall.
  • a string providing a default Authors@R string to be used in newDESCRIPTIONs. Should be a R code, and look like"Hadley Wickham [aut, cre]". Seeas.personfor more details.
  • devtools.desc.license: a default license string to use for new packages.
  • devtools.desc.suggests: a character vector listing packages to to add to suggests by defaults for new packages.
  • devtools.desc: a named list listing any other extra options to add toDESCRIPTION

  • devtools
  • devtools-package
Documentation reproduced from package devtools, version 1.11.1, License: GPL (>= 2)

Community examples

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