Attempts to install a package directly from GitHub.

This function is vectorised on repo so you can install multiple packages in a single command.

install_github(repo, username = NULL, ref = "master", subdir = NULL, auth_token = github_pat(quiet), host = "", quiet = FALSE, ...)
Repository address in the format username/repo[/subdir][@ref|#pull]. Alternatively, you can specify subdir and/or ref using the respective parameters (see below); if both are specified, the values in repo take precedence.
User name. Deprecated: please include username in the repo
Desired git reference. Could be a commit, tag, or branch name, or a call to github_pull. Defaults to "master".
subdirectory within repo that contains the R package.
To install from a private repo, generate a personal access token (PAT) in and supply to this argument. This is safer than using a password because you can easily delete a PAT without affecting any others. Defaults to the GITHUB_PAT environment variable.
GitHub API host to use. Override with your GitHub enterprise hostname, for example, "".
if TRUE suppresses output from this function.
Other arguments passed on to install.

Attempting to install from a source repository that uses submodules raises a warning. Because the zipped sources provided by GitHub do not include submodules, this may lead to unexpected behaviour or compilation failure in source packages. In this case, cloning the repository manually using install_git with args="--recursive" may yield better results.

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Other package installation: install_bioc, install_bitbucket, install_cran, install_git, install_svn, install_url, install_version, install, uninstall

  • install_github
library(devtools) ## Not run: # install_github("klutometis/roxygen") # install_github("wch/ggplot2") # install_github(c("rstudio/httpuv", "rstudio/shiny")) # install_github(c("hadley/httr@v0.4", "klutometis/roxygen#142", # "mfrasca/r-logging/pkg")) # # # Update devtools to the latest version, on Linux and Mac # # On Windows, this won't work - see ?build_github_devtools # install_github("hadley/devtools") # # # To install from a private repo, use auth_token with a token # # from You only need the # # repo scope. Best practice is to save your PAT in env var called # # GITHUB_PAT. # install_github("hadley/private", auth_token = "abc") # # ## End(Not run)
Documentation reproduced from package devtools, version 1.12.0, License: GPL (>= 2)

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