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Diffs for R Objects

Generate a colorized diff of two R objects for an intuitive visualization of their differences.


diffobj - Diffs for R Objects

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Generate a colorized diff of two R objects for an intuitive visualization of their differences.

See vignettes for details, and for comparisons with standard comparison functions.


If your terminal supports formatting through ANSI escape sequences, diffobj will output colored diffs to the terminal. Otherwise, output will be colored with HTML/CSS and sent to the IDE viewport or to your browser. diffobj comes with several built-in color schemes that can be further customized. Some examples:

Output Examples


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Functions in diffobj

Name Description
PaletteOfStyles-class Class for Tracking Default Styles by Style Type
StyleSummary-class Styling Information for Summaries
Pager Objects for Specifying Pager Settings
diffObj Diff Objects
any,Diff-method Determine if Diff Object Has Differences
Style-class Customize Appearance of Diff
StyleFuns-class Functions Used for Styling Diff Components
as.character,MyersMbaSes-method Generate a character representation of Shortest Edit Sequence
StyleText-class Character Tokens Used in Diffs
auto_context Configure Automatic Context Calculation
console_lines Attempt to Compute Console Height in Text Lines
diff_myers Diff two character vectors
diffCsv Diff CSV Files
as.character,DiffSummary-method Generate Character Representation of DiffSummary Object
finalizeHtml Finalizing Methods for HTML Output
diffDeparse Diff Deparsed Objects
diffChr Diff Character Vectors Element By Element
diffobj-package Diffs for R Objects
make_blocking Create a Blocking Version of a Function
nchar_html Count Text Characters in HTML
summary,PaletteOfStyles-method Display a Summarized Version of a PaletteOfStyles
summary,MyersMbaSes-method Summary Method for Shortest Edit Path
diffPrint Diff printed Objects
diffStr Diff Object Structures
strip_hz_control Replace Horizontal Spacing Control Characters
diffobj_set_def_opts Set All diffobj Options to Defaults
guides Generic Methods to Implement Flexible Guide Line Computations
gdo Shorthand Function for Accessing diffobj Options
pager_is_less Check Whether System Has less as Pager
diffobj_s4method_doc Dummy Doc File for S4 Methods with Existing Generics
show,PaletteOfStyles-method Display a PaletteOfStyles
dimnames,PaletteOfStyles-method Retrieve Dimnames for PaletteOfStyles Objects
summary,Diff-method Summary Method for Diff Objects
has_Rdiff Attempt to Detect Whether diff Utility is Available
view_or_browse Invoke IDE Viewer If Available, browseURL If Not
ses Shortest Edit Script
webfiles Return Location of Default HTML Support Files
[,Diff,numeric,missing,missing-method Subsetting Methods for Diff Objects
par_frame Get Parent Frame of S4 Call Stack
show,DiffSummary-method Display DiffSummary Objects
trim Methods to Remove Unsemantic Text Prior to Diff
tag_f Make Functions That Wrap Text in HTML Tags
show,Style-method Show Method for Style Objects
Rdiff_chr Run Rdiff Directly on R Objects
AlignThreshold-class Controls How Lines Within a Diff Hunk Are Aligned
diffFile Diff Files
Diff-class Diff Result Object
[<-,PaletteOfStyles-method Extract/Replace a Style Class or Object from PaletteOfStyles
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Type Package
License GPL (>= 2)
LazyData true
URL https://github.com/brodieG/diffobj
BugReports https://github.com/brodieG/diffobj/issues
RoxygenNote 6.1.1
VignetteBuilder knitr
Encoding UTF-8
Collate 'capt.R' 'options.R' 'pager.R' 'check.R' 'finalizer.R' 'misc.R' 'html.R' 'styles.R' 's4.R' 'core.R' 'diff.R' 'get.R' 'guides.R' 'hunks.R' 'layout.R' 'myerssimple.R' 'rdiff.R' 'rds.R' 'set.R' 'subset.R' 'summmary.R' 'system.R' 'text.R' 'tochar.R' 'trim.R' 'word.R'
NeedsCompilation yes
Packaged 2019-05-13 01:50:00 UTC; bg
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2019-05-13 18:50:03 UTC

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