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by Martin Maechler

Hartigan's Dip Test Statistic for Unimodality - Corrected

Compute Hartigan's dip test statistic for unimodality / multimodality and provide a test with simulation based p-values, where the original public code has been corrected.

Functions in diptest

Name Description
qDiptab Table of Quantiles from a Large Simulation for Hartigan's Dip Test
statfaculty Faculty Quality in Statistics Departments
plot.dip Plot a dip() Result, i.e., Class "dip" Object
exHartigan Hartigan's Artificial n-modal Example Data Set
dip.test Hartigans' Dip Test for Unimodality
dip Compute Hartigans' Dip Test Statistic for Unimodality
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Date 2015-06-07
BuildResaveData no
License GPL (>= 2)
NeedsCompilation yes
Packaged 2016-12-05 14:54:04 UTC; hornik
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2016-12-05 18:28:47
Contributors Martin Maechler

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