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Direct Labels for Multicolor Plots

An extensible framework for automatically placing direct labels onto multicolor 'lattice' or 'ggplot2' plots. Label positions are described using Positioning Methods which can be re-used across several different plots. There are heuristics for examining "trellis" and "ggplot" objects and inferring an appropriate Positioning Method.

Functions in directlabels

Name Description
apply.method Apply a Positioning Method
check.for.columns check for columns
big.boxes big boxes
ahull.grid ahull grid
ahull.points ahull points
default.picker default picker
chull.grid chull grid
defaultpf.ggplot defaultpf ggplot
angled.boxes angled boxes
draw.polygons draw polygons
dlcompare Direct label comparison plot
defaultpf.trellis defaultpf trellis
angled.endpoints angled endpoints
dl.trans Direct label data transform
dl.combine Combine output of several methods
draw.rects draw rects
direct.label Direct labels for color decoding
GeomDl GeomDl
SegCost Cost of segmentation models
chull.points chull points
default.ahull default ahull
dl.move Manually move a direct label
far.from.others.borders far from others borders
dldoc Make directlabels documentation
dlgrob dlgrob
geom_dl geom dl
extract.plot Extract plot and definition for documentation
drawDetails.dlgrob drawDetails dlgrob
extract.posfun Extract Positioning Method for documentation
dl.jitter dl jitter edges to outside
filltemplate filltemplate
label.pieces label pieces
label.endpoints label endpoints
maxvar.qp maxvar qp
outside.ahull outside ahull
only.unique.vals only unique vals
dl.summarize dl summarize
bottom.pieces bottom pieces
gapply gapply
merge_recurse merge recurse
bumpup bumpup
calc.borders calc borders Direct label groups independently
inside inside
calc.boxes calc boxes
getLegendVariables getLegendVariables
get.means get means reduce cex lr
last.points last points
iris.l1.cluster Clustering of the iris data with the l1 clusterpath
direct.label.ggplot direct label ggplot
top.points top points
rhtmlescape rhtmlescape
top.qp top qp ignore na
outside.chull outside chull
qp.labels Make a Positioning Method for non-overlapping lineplot labels
last.polygons last polygons
uselegend.ggplot uselegend ggplot
panel.superpose.dl panel superpose dl
projectionSeconds Timings of projection algorithms
legends2hide legends2hide
normal.l2.cluster Clustering of some normal data in 2d with the l2 clusterpath
smart.grid smart grid
static.labels static labels
midrange midrange
lines2 lines2
uselegend.trellis uselegend trellis
direct.label.trellis direct label trellis
empty.grid empty grid
vertical.qp vertical qp enlarge box
extreme.grid extreme grid
extreme.points extreme points
in1box in1box
in1which in1which
first.qp first qp
first.polygons first polygons
visualcenter visualcenter
first.bumpup first bumpup
make.tiebreaker make tiebreaker
last.bumpup last bumpup
first.points first points
maxvar.points maxvar points
last.qp last qp
lasso.labels lasso labels
pkgFun pkgFun
polygon.method polygon method
lattice.translators lattice translators
svmtrain False positive rates from several 1-SVM models
positioning.functions Built-in Positioning Methods for direct label placement
top.bumptwice top bumptwice
project.onto.segments project onto segments
top.pieces top pieces
xlimits xlimits
top.bumpup top bumpup
ylimits ylimits
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License GPL-3
LazyData true
Collate utility.function.R compare.R dotplot.R lineplot.R densityplot.R ggplot2.R positioning.functions.R doc.R lattice.R scatterplot.R contourplot.R
NeedsCompilation no
Packaged 2020-01-31 16:59:38 UTC; th798
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2020-02-01 09:10:02 UTC

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