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by Matthias Kohl

Extensions of package distr

Extensions of package distr and some additional functionality

Functions in distrEx

Name Description
LMParameter Generating function for LMParameter-class
EuclCondition-class Conditioning by an Euclidean space.
ConvexContamination Generic Function for Generating Convex Contaminations
KolmogorovDist Generic function for the computation of the Kolmogorov distance of two distributions
DiscreteCondDistribution-class Discrete conditional distribution
Reals Generating function for Reals-class
DistrList-class List of distributions
ContaminationSize Generic Function for the Computation of the Convex Contamination (Pseudo-)Distance of Two Distributions
m1df Generic Function for the Computation of Clipped First Moments
DistrList Generating function for DistrList-class
distrExIntegrate Integration of One-Dimensional Functions
Gumbel Generating function for Gumbel-class
EuclideanSpace Generating function for EuclideanSpace-class
Condition-class Conditions
UnivarDistrList-class List of univariate distributions
E Generic Function for the Computation of (Conditional) Expectations
liesInSupport Generic Function for Testing the Support of a Distribution
GLIntegrate Gauss-Legendre Quadrature
AbscontCondDistribution-class Absolutely continuous conditional distribution
DiscreteMVDistribution-class Discrete Multivariate Distributions
DiscreteMVDistribution Generating function for DiscreteMVDistribution-class
HellingerDist Generic function for the computation of the Hellinger distance of two distributions
DiscreteDistribution Generating function for DiscreteDistribution-class
EuclCondition Generating function for EuclCondition-class
UnivarDistrList Generating function for UnivarDistrList-class
m2df Generic function for the computation of clipped second moments
Gumbel-class Gumbel distribution
TotalVarDist Generic function for the computation of the total variation distance of two distributions
distrExOptions Function to change the global variables of the package `distrEx'
GumbelParameter-class Paramter of Gumbel distributions
LMParameter-class Parameter of a linear regression model
Naturals Generating function for Naturals-class
UnivariateCondDistribution-class Univariate conditional distribution
LMCondDistribution Generating function for the conditional distribution of a linear regression model.
MultivariateDistribution-class Multivariate Distributions
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Date 2005-10-17
SaveImage no
LazyLoad yes
License GPL (version 2 or later)
URL http://www.uni-bayreuth.de/departments/math/org/mathe7/DISTR/
Packaged Fri Oct 21 10:23:25 2005; Matthias Kohl

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