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by Matthias Kohl

Extensions of package distr

Extensions of package distr and some additional functionality

Functions in distrEx

Name Description
EuclCondition-class Conditioning by an Euclidean space.
Condition-class Conditions
E Generic Function for the Computation of (Conditional) Expectations
DiscreteCondDistribution-class Discrete conditional distribution
liesInSupport Generic Function for Testing the Support of a Distribution
MultivariateDistribution-class Multivariate Distributions
Gumbel-class Gumbel distribution
make01 Centering and Standardization of Univariate Distributions
distrExOptions Function to change the global variables of the package `distrEx'
DiscreteMVDistribution-class Discrete Multivariate Distributions
distrExIntegrate Integration of One-Dimensional Functions
EuclCondition Generating function for EuclCondition-class
CvMDist Generic function for the computation of the Cramer - von Mises distance of two distributions
HellingerDist Generic function for the computation of the Hellinger distance of two distributions
Gumbel Generating function for Gumbel-class
LMParameter-class Parameter of a linear regression model
ConvexContamination Generic Function for Generating Convex Contaminations
dim-methods Methods for Function dim in Package `distrEx'
m2df Generic function for the computation of clipped second moments
AbscontCondDistribution-class Absolutely continuous conditional distribution
DiscreteMVDistribution Generating function for DiscreteMVDistribution-class
plot-methods Methods for Function plot in Package `distrEx'
TotalVarDist Generic function for the computation of the total variation distance of two distributions
KolmogorovDist Generic function for the computation of the Kolmogorov distance of two distributions
m1df Generic Function for the Computation of Clipped First Moments
GumbelParameter-class Paramter of Gumbel distributions
PrognCondDistribution-class Posterior distribution in convolution
distrExMASK Masking of/by other functions in package "distrEx"
UnivariateCondDistribution-class Univariate conditional distribution
distrEx-package distrEx -- Extensions of package distr
PrognCondition-class Conditions of class 'PrognCondition'
LMCondDistribution Generating function for the conditional distribution of a linear regression model.
LMParameter Generating function for LMParameter-class
ContaminationSize Generic Function for the Computation of the Convex Contamination (Pseudo-)Distance of Two Distributions
GLIntegrate Gauss-Legendre Quadrature
var Generic Functions for the Computation of Functionals
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Date 2009-02-19
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