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by Hadley Wickham

A Grammar of Data Manipulation

A fast, consistent tool for working with data frame like objects, both in memory and out of memory.

Functions in dplyr

Name Description
src_tbls List all tbls provided by a source.
sample Sample n rows from a table.
grouped_df A grouped data frame.
group_by Group a tbl by one or more variables.
copy_to.src_sql Copy a local data fram to a sqlite src.
id Compute a unique numeric id for each unique row in a data frame.
select_vars Select variables.
build_sql Build a SQL string.
distinct Select distinct/unique rows.
arrange Arrange rows by variables.
all.equal.tbl_df Provide a useful implementation of all.equal for data.frames.
partial_eval Partially evaluate an expression.
src Create a "src" object
base_scalar Create an sql translator
backend_sql SQL generation.
copy_to Copy a local data frame to a remote src.
dplyr-cluster Cluster management.
nth Extract the first, last or nth value from a vector.
join Join two tbls together.
funs Create a list of functions calls.
backend_src Source generics.
ranking Windowed rank functions.
select Select/rename variables by name.
tbl_df Create a data frame tbl.
dplyr The dplyr package.
setops Set operations.
group_size Calculate group sizes.
backend_db Database generics.
n_distinct Efficiently count the number of unique values in a vector.
tbl Create a table from a data source
sql_quote Helper function for quoting sql elements.
tbl_vars List variables provided by a tbl.
failwith Fail with specified value.
between Do values in a numeric vector fail in specified range?
as.tbl_cube Coerce an existing data structure into a tbl_cube
join.tbl_dt Join data table tbls.
groups Get/set the grouping variables for tbl.
join.tbl_df Join data frame tbls.
lead-lag Lead and lag.
cumall Cumulativate versions of any, all, and mean
chain Chain together multiple operations.
src_mysql Connect to mysql/mariadb.
print.tbl_df Tools for describing matrices
translate_sql Translate an expression to sql.
tbl_dt Create a data table tbl.
lahman Cache and retrieve an src_sqlite of the Lahman baseball database.
nasa NASA spatio-temporal data
sql SQL escaping.
rowwise Group input by rows
make_tbl Create a "tbl" object
slice Select rows by position.
src_sql Create a "sql src" object
src_local A local source.
query Create a mutable query object.
rbind_list Efficiently rbind multiple data frames.
top_n Select top n rows (by value).
desc Descending order.
with_order Run a function with one order, translating result back to original order
same_src Figure out if two sources are the same (or two tbl have the same source)
do Do arbitrary operations on a tbl.
mutate Add new variables.
temp_srcs Connect to temporary data sources.
order_by A helper function for ordering window function output.
grouped_dt A grouped data table.
type_sum Provide a succint summary of a type
compute Compute a lazy tbl.
explain Explain details of an tbl.
join.tbl_sql Join sql tbls.
summarise Summarise multiple values to a single value.
tbl_sql Create an SQL tbl (abstract)
src_sqlite Connect to a sqlite database.
n The number of observations in the current group.
tbl_cube A data cube tbl.
nycflights13 Database versions of the nycflights13 data
location Print the location in memory of a data frame
progress_estimated Progress bar with estimated time.
src_postgres Connect to postgresql.
bench_compare Evaluate, compare, benchmark operations of a set of srcs.
tally Counts/tally observations by group.
glimpse Get a glimpse of your data.
filter Return rows with matching conditions.
summarise_each Summarise and mutate multiple columns.
data_frame Build a data frame.
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URL https://github.com/hadley/dplyr
BugReports https://github.com/hadley/dplyr/issues
VignetteBuilder knitr
LazyData yes
LinkingTo Rcpp (>= 0.11.3), BH (>= 1.51.0-2)
License MIT + file LICENSE
Collate 'RcppExports.R' 'all-equal.r' 'bench-compare.r' 'cbind.r' 'chain.r' 'cluster.R' 'colwise.R' 'compute-collect.r' 'copy-to.r' 'data-lahman.r' 'data-nasa.r' 'data-nycflights13.r' 'data-temp.r' 'data.r' 'dataframe.R' 'dbi-s3.r' 'desc.r' 'distinct.R' 'do.r' 'dplyr.r' 'explain.r' 'failwith.r' 'funs.R' 'glimpse.R' 'group-by.r' 'group-size.r' 'grouped-df.r' 'grouped-dt.r' 'id.r' 'inline.r' 'join-df.r' 'join-dt.r' 'join-sql.r' 'join.r' 'lead-lag.R' 'location.R' 'manip-cube.r' 'manip-df.r' 'manip-dt.r' 'manip-sql.r' 'manip.r' 'nth-value.R' 'order-by.R' 'over.R' 'partial-eval.r' 'progress.R' 'query.r' 'rank.R' 'rbind.r' 'rowwise.r' 'sample.R' 'select-utils.R' 'select-vars.R' 'sets.r' 'sql-escape.r' 'sql-star.r' 'src-local.r' 'src-mysql.r' 'src-postgres.r' 'src-sql.r' 'src-sqlite.r' 'src.r' 'tally.R' 'tbl-cube.r' 'tbl-data-frame.R' 'tbl-df.r' 'tbl-dt.r' 'tbl-sql.r' 'tbl.r' 'top-n.R' 'translate-sql-helpers.r' 'translate-sql-base.r' 'translate-sql-window.r' 'translate-sql.r' 'type-sum.r' 'utils-dt.R' 'utils-format.r' 'utils.r' 'view.r' 'zzz.r'
Packaged 2014-10-10 11:51:23 UTC; hadley
NeedsCompilation yes
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2014-10-11 07:43:41

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