Evaluate, compare, benchmark operations of a set of srcs.

These functions support the comparison of results and timings across multiple sources.

bench_tbls(tbls, op, ..., times = 10)

compare_tbls(tbls, op, ref = NULL, compare = equal_data_frame, ...)

eval_tbls(tbls, op)


A list of tbls.


A function with a single argument, called often with each element of tbls.


For benchmarking, the number of times each operation is repeated.


For checking, an data frame to test results against. If not supplied, defaults to the results from the first src.


A function used to compare the results. Defaults to equal_data_frame which ignores the order of rows and columns.

For compare_tbls: additional parameters passed on the compare function

For bench_tbls: additional benchmarks to run.


eval_tbls: a list of data frames.

compare_tbls: an invisible TRUE on success, otherwise an error is thrown.

bench_tbls: an object of class microbenchmark

See Also

src_local for working with local data

  • bench_compare
  • bench_tbls
  • compare_tbls
  • eval_tbls
library(dplyr) if (require("microbenchmark") && has_lahman()) { lahman_local <- lahman_srcs("df", "sqlite") teams <- lapply(lahman_local, function(x) x %>% tbl("Teams")) compare_tbls(teams, function(x) x %>% filter(yearID == 2010)) bench_tbls(teams, function(x) x %>% filter(yearID == 2010)) # You can also supply arbitrary additional arguments to bench_tbls # if there are other operations you'd like to compare. bench_tbls(teams, function(x) x %>% filter(yearID == 2010), base = subset(Lahman::Teams, yearID == 2010)) # A more complicated example using multiple tables setup <- function(src) { list( src %>% tbl("Batting") %>% filter(stint == 1) %>% select(playerID:H), src %>% tbl("Master") %>% select(playerID, birthYear) ) } two_tables <- lapply(lahman_local, setup) op <- function(tbls) { semi_join(tbls[[1]], tbls[[2]], by = "playerID") } # compare_tbls(two_tables, op) bench_tbls(two_tables, op, times = 2) }
Documentation reproduced from package dplyr, version 0.5.0, License: MIT + file LICENSE

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