dplyr (version 0.5.0)

select_if: Select columns using a predicate


This verb is analogous to summarise_if() and mutate_if() in that it lets you use a predicate on the columns of a data frame. Only those columns for which the predicate returns TRUE will be selected.


select_if(.data, .predicate, ...)



A local tbl source.


A predicate function to be applied to the columns or a logical vector. The columns for which .predicate is or returns TRUE will be summarised or mutated.


Additional arguments passed to .predicate.


Predicates can only be used with local sources like a data frame.


Run this code
iris %>% select_if(is.factor)
iris %>% select_if(is.numeric)
iris %>% select_if(function(col) is.numeric(col) && mean(col) > 3.5)

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