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Analysis of Dose-Response Curves

Analysis of dose-response data is made available through a suite of flexible and versatile model fitting and after-fitting functions.

Functions in drc

Name Description
boxcox.drc Transform-both-sides Box-Cox transformation
anova.drc ANOVA for dose-response model fits
leaflength Leaf length of barley
acidiq Acifluorfen and diquat tested on Lemna minor.
backfit Calculation of backfit values from a fitted dose-response model
algae Volume of algae as function of increasing concentrations of a herbicide
CIcompX Calculation of combination index for binary mixtures
bread.drc Bread and meat for the sandwich
auxins Effect of technical grade and commercially formulated auxin herbicides
chickweed Germination of common chickweed (Stellaria media)
coef.drc Extract Model Coefficients
compParm Comparison of parameters
decontaminants Performance of decontaminants used in the culturing of a micro-organism
deguelin Deguelin applied to chrysanthemum aphis
comped Comparison of effective dose values
ED.drc Estimating effective doses
earthworms Earthworm toxicity test
daphnids Daphnia test
drmc Sets control arguments
confint.drc Confidence Intervals for model parameters
EDcomp Comparison of relative potencies between dose-response curves
getInitial Showing starting values used
fitted.drc Extract fitted values from model
fplogistic Fractional polynomial-logistic dose-response models
G.aparine Herbicide applied to Galium aparine
gaussian Normal and log-normal biphasic dose-response models
getMeanFunctions Display available dose-response models
finney71 Example from Finney (1971)
etmotc Effect of erythromycin on mixed sewage microorganisms
germination Germination of three crops
lin.test Lack-of-fit test for the mean structure based on cumulated residuals
hatvalues.drc Model diagnostics for nonlinear dose-response models
isobole Creating isobolograms
heartrate Heart rate baroreflexes for rabbits
lettuce Hormesis in lettuce plants
logLik.drc Extracting the log likelihood
lepidium Dose-response profile of degradation of agrochemical using lepidium
glymet Glyphosate and metsulfuron-methyl tested on algae.
M.bahia Effect of an effluent on the growth of mysid shrimp
H.virescens Mortality of tobacco budworms
maED Estimation of ED values using model-averaging
MAX Maximum mean response
mselect Dose-response model selection
mr.test Mizon-Richard test for dose-response models
modelFit Assessing the model fit
nasturtium Dose-response profile of degradation of agrochemical using nasturtium
metals Data from heavy metal mixture experiments
mecter Mechlorprop and terbythylazine tested on Lemna minor
mixture Fitting binary mixture models
methionine Weight gain for different methionine sources
predict.drc Prediction
print.drc Printing key features
plot.drc Plotting fitted dose-response curves
neill.test Neill's lack-of-fit test for dose-response models
spinach Inhibition of photosynthesis
PR Expected or predicted response
simDR Simulating ED values under various scenarios
noEffect Testing if there is a dose effect at all
searchdrc Searching through a range of initial parameter values to obtain convergence
S.capricornutum Effect of cadmium on growth of green alga
print.summary.drc Printing summary of non-linear model fits
rdrm Simulating a dose-response curve
secalonic Root length measurements
selenium Data from toxicology experiments with selenium
vinclozolin Vinclozolin from AR in vitro assay
ryegrass Effect of ferulic acid on growth of ryegrass
W1.4 The four-parameter Weibull functions
ursa Model function for the universal response surface approach (URSA) for the quantitative assessment of drug interaction
S.alba Potency of two herbicides
vcov.drc Calculating variance-covariance matrix for objects of class 'drc'
O.mykiss Test data from a 21 day fish test
RScompetition Competition between two biotypes
residuals.drc Extracting residuals from the fitted dose-response model
P.promelas Effect of sodium pentachlorophenate on growth of fathead minnow
update.drc Updating and re-fitting a model
summary.drc Summarising non-linear model fits
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