Positive Psychology: AHI CESD data.

posPsy_AHI_CESD is a dataset containing answers to the 24 items of the Authentic Happiness Inventory (AHI) and answers to the 20 items of the Center for Epidemiological Studies Depression (CES-D) scale (Radloff, 1977) for multiple (1 to 6) measurement occasions.



  • 1. id: Participant ID.

  • 2. occasion: Measurement occasion: 0: Pretest (i.e., at enrolment), 1: Posttest (i.e., 7 days after pretest), 2: 1-week follow-up, (i.e., 14 days after pretest, 7 days after posttest), 3: 1-month follow-up, (i.e., 38 days after pretest, 31 days after posttest), 4: 3-month follow-up, (i.e., 98 days after pretest, 91 days after posttest), 5: 6-month follow-up, (i.e., 189 days after pretest, 182 days after posttest).

  • 3. elapsed.days: Time since enrolment measured in fractional days.

  • 4. intervention: Type of intervention: 3 positive psychology interventions (PPIs), plus 1 control condition: 1: "Using signature strengths", 2: "Three good things", 3: "Gratitude visit", 4: "Recording early memories" (control condition).

  • 5.-28. (from ahi01 to ahi24): Responses on 24 AHI items.

  • 29.-48. (from cesd01 to cesd20): Responses on 20 CES-D items.

  • 49. ahiTotal: Total AHI score.

  • 50. cesdTotal: Total CES-D score.

See codebook and references at https://bookdown.org/hneth/ds4psy/B-1-datasets-pos.html.


A tibble with 992 cases (rows) and 50 variables (columns).

See Also

posPsy_long for a corrected version of this file (in long format).

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  • posPsy_AHI_CESD
Documentation reproduced from package ds4psy, version 0.1.0, License: CC BY-SA 4.0

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