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A Language to Facilitate Simulation and Visualization of Two-Dimensional Dynamical Systems

An expressive language to facilitate simulation and visualization of two-dimensional dynamical systems. The basic elements of the language are a model wrapping around a function(x,y) which outputs a list(x = xprime, y = yprime), and a range. The language supports three types of visual objects: visualizations, features, and backgrounds. Visualizations, including dots and arrows, depict the behavior of the dynamical system over the entire range. Features display user-defined curves and points, and their images under the system. Backgrounds define and color regions of interest, such as basins of attraction. The language can also approximate attractors and their basins through simulation.



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dsmodels is an expressive language for visualizing and analyzing two-dimensional dynamical systems. Scripts are built from a model encapsulating the dynamical system, to which other objects are composed. Components include: visualization of the entire range; user-defined curves and points; iterated images with color gradiants; and colored regions. The language can also approximate attractors and their basins through simulation.

model <- dsmodel(function(x,y) {
  list( x*exp(2.6-x-6.45/(1+4.5*x)),
        y*exp(2.6-y-0.15*x-6.25/(1+4.5*y)) )
model + dsrange(0:3,0:3,discretize = 0.1, frame.plot = FALSE, axes = FALSE)
model + dsarrows(head.length=0.15)
model + simattractors() + simbasins(discretize = 0.01)
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To install dsmodels, simply type into your R console the following line:


To install the latest version (1.1) from GitHub:

  # install.packages("devtools")

Documentation for dsmodels.

Functions in dsmodels

Name Description
colorVector Set Color Vector From Parameters
+.dsproto Adds a new component to a dsmodel.
NaNRemove NaNRemove
background Background
boolpos Find Positions of False Elements
$.dsproto Used to call members of a dsproto
dsdots Adds a visualization of the system using dots
dsmodel Defines a model object encapsulating a dynamical system
dsarrows Add a visualization of the system using arrows
dscurve Parametric curves or a graph of functions
features Features
findFixedPoint Finds which fixed-point a point will end up at under a certain function.
is.dsimage Reports whether x is a dsimage
is.dspoint Reports whether x is a dspoint
dspoint Individual points and their images
dsproto Create a new dsproto object
is.dots Reports whether x is a dsdots object.
is.dsarrows Reports whether x is a dsarrows object.
dsrange Range of inputs for a model
dsregion Colored polygonal region
is.dsproto Tests if an object is a ds object.
is.dsregion Reports whether x is a dsregion object.
facade Facade
feature Feature
is.facade Checks if object is a facade
pointsToList Converts a list of points to a list of x coordinates, y coordinates, region colors, and indexes.
safe.apply Abstract a Function which does not Crash Upon Failure
simattractors Determine the attractors of a model through simulation
simbasins Find basins of attraction by simulation
ylabel Create a label on the y-axis
is.ylabel Checks to see if object is ylabel.
pnt Alias to make constructing points for regions easier.
findNearestPoint Determines which point in a list is closest to the input. 0 is used if all are further from epsilon.
is.background Checks if object is a background
is.curve Reports whether x is a dscurves object.
is.discretizedrange Reports whether x is a discretized range.
is.model Checks if object is a mode.
is.range Reports whether x is a range.
is.feature Checks if object is a feature
is.visualization Checks if object is a visualization
is.xlabel Checks to see if object is xlabel.
visualization Visualization
xlabel Create a label on the x-axis
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License GPL-2 | file LICENSE
LazyData TRUE
RoxygenNote 6.0.1
Collate 'dsproto.R' 'axeslabel.R' 'dsarrows.R' 'dscurve.R' 'dsdots.R' 'dsmodel.R' 'dspoint.R' 'dsrange.R' 'dsregion.R' 'dssimulation.R' 'features.R' 'modelConstruction.R'
BugReports https://github.com/Trinity-Automata-Research/dsmodels/issues
URL https://github.com/Trinity-Automata-Research/dsmodels
NeedsCompilation no
Packaged 2017-07-22 03:22:25 UTC; cstein
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2017-07-22 06:37:56 UTC

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