dynamicGraph (version

DynamicGraph-class: Class DynamicGraph


The class of the object of dynamicGraph.


Objects from the Class

An object of this class DynamicGraph-class is the returned value from the method dg and from the function dynamicGraphMain.

The object has the lists of vertices and blocks of the dynamicGraph, and a list of models, each (of class DynamicGraphModel-class) with the model and the views of the model. Each view (of class DynamicGraphView-class) of a model will hold the edges (edges between vertices, factors and blocks) and factor- and extra-vertices of the view, together with vectors of indices of vertices and blocks visible in the view.

Objects of the class DynamicGraph-class is the outer frame holding the "data" and the models, each model is of the class DynamicGraphModel-class with one or more views of the class DynamicGraphView-class in a sub-frame for the model. The input to dynamicGraphMain should be of the class dg.graph-class.

See Also

dynamicGraphMain, DynamicGraphModel-class, and DynamicGraphView-class.