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by David Meyer

Misc Functions of the Department of Statistics, Probability Theory Group (Formerly: E1071), TU Wien

Functions for latent class analysis, short time Fourier transform, fuzzy clustering, support vector machines, shortest path computation, bagged clustering, naive Bayes classifier, ...

Functions in e1071

Name Description
e1071-deprecated Deprecated Functions in Package e1071
bclust Bagged Clustering
boxplot.bclust Boxplot of Cluster Profiles
Discrete Discrete Distribution
element Extract Elements of an Array
bincombinations Binary Combinations
bootstrap.lca Bootstrap Samples of LCA Results
cshell Fuzzy C-Shell Clustering
ica Independent Component Analysis
hsv_palette Sequential color palette based on HSV colors
kurtosis Kurtosis
impute Replace Missing Values
lca Latent Class Analysis (LCA)
interpolate Interpolate Values of Array
hamming.window Computes the Coefficients of a Hamming Window.
fclustIndex Fuzzy Cluster Indexes (Validity/Performance Measures)
hamming.distance Hamming Distances of Vectors
hanning.window Computes the Coefficients of a Hanning Window.
permutations All Permutations of Integers 1:n
plot.tune Plot Tuning Object
plot.svm Plot SVM Objects
naiveBayes Naive Bayes Classifier
plot.stft Plot Short Time Fourier Transforms
probplot Probability Plot
matchControls Find Matched Control Group
matchClasses Find Similar Classes in Two-way Contingency Tables
moment Statistical Moment
predict.svm Predict Method for Support Vector Machines
allShortestPaths Find Shortest Paths Between All Nodes in a Directed Graph
rwiener Simulation of Wiener Process
read.matrix.csr Read/Write Sparse Data
sigmoid The Logistic Function and Derivatives
rbridge Simulation of Brownian Bridge
rectangle.window Computes the Coefficients of a Rectangle Window.
skewness Skewness
tune.control Control Parameters for the Tune Function
svm Support Vector Machines
stft Computes the Short Time Fourier Transform of a Vector
tune.wrapper Convenience Tuning Wrapper Functions
tune Parameter Tuning of Functions Using Grid Search
write.svm Write SVM Object to File
classAgreement Coefficients Comparing Classification Agreement
countpattern Count Binary Patterns
cmeans Fuzzy C-Means Clustering
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Date/Publication 2017-02-02 12:37:10

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