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by Paul Govan

Dynamic Web Analytics for the Energy Industry

A 'Shiny' web application for energy industry analytics. Take an overview of the industry, measure Key Performance Indicators, identify changes in the industry over time, and discover new relationships in the data.



  • Profile: take an overview of the industry
  • Performance: measure key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Trends: identify changes in the industry over time
  • Explorer: discover new relationships in the data


eAnalytics is a Shiny web application, powered by the excellent plotly, Leaflet, DT, and googleVis packages. eAnalytics has the largest open database of US energy industry information, providing interactive and dynamic web analytics to industry stakeholders. To learn more about our project, see this publication.

Getting Started

To install eAnalytics in R:


To launch the app:


Or to access the app through a browser, visit paulgovan.shinyapps.io/eAnalytics.


eAnalytics imports the energyr R package, which contains data from www.ferc.gov. This package contains the following datasets:

  • electric: Electric Company Financial Data
  • gas: Natural Gas Company Financial Data
  • hydropower: Hydropower Plant Data
  • lng: LNG Plant Data
  • oil: Oil Company Financial Data
  • pipeline: Natural Gas Pipeline Project Data
  • storage: Natural Gas Storage Field Data



Launching the app first brings up the Dashboard. The Dashboard is basically a landing page that gives a brief introduction to the app and also includes three value boxes for the current number of projects, companies, and facilities, respectively, in the database.



The Profile tab contains a number of interactive maps with information about facilities for the selected industry. The screenshot below shows the Profile tab for the Natural Gas industry.

Multiple options are currently available for customizing the maps. Choose a preferred size or color variable in the movable wellPanel, select from different basemaps via the lower-right corner control, and click on a specific facility to view additional information.

Note: industry profiles are currently only available for the Hydropower and Natural Gas industries.


For example, if interested in the LNG facilities that are located along the Gulf Coast, select the Natural Gas industry, followed by the Profile tab, then the LNG Facilities tab, and finally zoom into the area of interest using the controls in the upper-left corner. To view the data overlay with satellite imagery, choose Satellite via the lower-right control.



The Performance tab tracks a number of "well-established" Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the selected industry.

Note: KPIs are currently only available for the Natural Gas industry.


For example, the screenshot above shows the Performance tab for the Natural Gas industry, which shows a histogram of the cost/mile (USD/mile) KPI for all natural gas pipeline projects in the database and a heatmap of the correlation matrix for a number of highly correlated variables.

The Trends tab contains multiple interactive time-series charts of financial information for the selected industry. The screenshot below shows the Trends tab for the Electric industry.


However, the information above is not very useful as of yet because there are currently too many data series plotted. Alternatively, the information in the time-series chart can be controlled through the Data tab.


The Data tab contains interactive datatables of information for the selected industry.

Click on the Data tab and search, filter, sort the data as required. As an example, make a search for any company with the word "electric" in the name:


Going back to the Trends tab, the time-series chart now shows trends that can actually be understood and compared:



The Explorer tab contains a dynamic motion chart for exploring several indicators over time, as made famous by Hans Rosling in his 2007 TED talk.

Note: the Explorer tab is currently only available for the Natural Gas industry.


As an example, the screenshot above shows a motion chart with cost on the x-axis, miles on the y-axis, and the type of project (conversion, expansion, lateral, new pipeline, and reversal) represented by the color of each bubble. Pressing the Play button would show how the relationship between project cost and miles of pipeline changes over time (per type of project).

To learn more about the functionality of the motion chart, visit the googleVis site.

Source Code

eAnalytics is an open source project, and the source code and project data is available at https://github.com/paulgovan/eAnalytics


For issues or requests, please use the GitHub issue tracker at https://github.com/paulgovan/eAnalytics/issues


Ccontributions are welcome by sending a pull request


eAnalytics is licensed under the Apache licence. © Paul Govan (2015)

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