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ozone1: Ozone readings in Los Angeles with incomplete cases removed


Ozone readings in Los Angeles, with incomplete cases removed.



A data frame with 330 observations on 10 variables.

O3 daily maximum of the hourly average ozone concentrations in Upland, CA
vh 500 millibar pressure height, measured at the Vandenberg air force base
wind wind speed in mph at LAX airport
humidity humidity in percent at LAX
temp Sandburg Air Force Base temperature in degrees Fahrenheit
ibh temperature inversion base height in feet
dpg pressure gradient from LAX to Daggert in mm Hg
ibt inversion base temperature at LAX in degrees Fahrenheit
vis visibility at LAX in miles
doy day of the year


Faraway (2005) Extending the Linear Model with R

Hastie and Tibshirani (1990) Generalized Additive Models

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