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ecodist R package

Dissimilarity-based analysis functions including ordination and Mantel test functions, intended for use with spatial and community data.

CHANGES in ecodist 2.0

  • fixed bug in crosstab() that affected expansion of single-row or -column tables using allrows or allcols; changed result to data frame
  • added icov argument to distance() for use with Mahalanobis distance
  • changed stress calculation in nmds() to match vegan and MASS calculations; formerly was a similar method that was monotonically related, but not identical.
  • added plot.nmds to display stress and r2 for NMDS ordinations across a range of dimensions
  • added addord method to add new data to an existing NMDS ordination.
  • added clusterlevel to calculate Mantel tests for specified groupings
  • added logistic regression to MRM
  • added xdistance cross-distance function, and cross-dissimilarity analysis functions xmantel, xmgram
  • updated examples in help files to be more helpful
  • added a vignette listing dissimilarity-based analyses

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GPL (>= 2)


Last Published

May 5th, 2022

Functions in ecodist (2.0.9)