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Event History Analysis

Parametric proportional hazards fitting with left truncation and right censoring for common families of distributions, piecewise constant hazards, and discrete models. Parametric accelerated failure time models for left truncated and right censored data. Proportional hazards models for tabular and register data. Sampling of risk sets in Cox regression, selections in the Lexis diagram, bootstrapping. Brostr<c3><b6>m (2012) <doi:10.1201/9781315373942>.

Functions in eha

Name Description
Lognormal The Lognormal Distribution
Weibull The (Cumulative) Hazard Function of a Weibull Distribution
age.window Age cut of survival data
Pch The Piecewise Constant Hazards distribution.
Loglogistic The Loglogistic Distribution
Gompertz The Gompertz Distribution Parametric proportional hazards regression
aftreg Accelerated Failure Time Regression
EV The EV Distribution
SurvSplit Split a survival object at specified durations.
coxreg Cox regression
cal.window Calendar time cut of survival data Frailty experiment
fert Marital fertility nineteenth century
import_strata strata function imported from survival
child Child mortality, Skellefte<U+00E5>, Sweeden 1850--1900.
logrank The Log-rank test
import_Surv Surv function imported from survival
logrye Rye prices, Scania, southern Sweden, 1801-1894. Cox regression
check.surv Check the integrity of survival data.
pchreg Piecewise Constant Proportional Hazards Regression
mlreg ML proportional hazards regression
plot.phreg Plots output from a phreg regression
scania Old age mortality, Scania, southern Sweden, 1813-1894.
risksets Finds the compositions and sizes of risk sets
check.dist Graphical goodness-of-fit test
perstat Period statistics
print.logrank Prints logrank objects
plot.tpchreg Plots output from a tpchreg regression
compHaz Graphical comparison of cumulative hazards
coxfunk Loglihood function (partial likelihood) of a Cox regression
plot.aftreg Plots output from an AFT regression
print.phreg Prints phreg objects
male.mortality Male mortality in ages 40-60, nineteenth century Calculating failure times, risk set sizes and No. of events in each risk set
mort Male mortality in ages 40-60, nineteenth century
makeham The Gompertz-Makeham Distribution
eha-package eha: Event History Analysis
cro Creates a minimal representation of a data frame.
swepop Swedish population data, 1968-2019.
infants Infant mortality and maternal death, Sweeden 1821--1894.
plot.coxreg Plot method for coxreg objects
join.spells Straighten up a survival data frame
ltx LaTeX printing of regression results.
summary.phreg A summary of phreg objects.
plotHaz Graphical comparing of cumulative hazards
plot.weibreg Plots output from a Weibull regression
hazards Get baseline hazards atoms from fits from
summary.tpchreg Summary for tpchreg objects
oe Create an oe object Constant intensity discrete time proportional hazards
tpchreg Proportional hazards regression with piecewise constant hazards and tabular data.
oldmort Old age mortality, Sundsvall, Sweden, 1860-1880.
print.summary.coxreg Prints summary.coxreg objects
make.communal Put communals in "fixed" data frame Parametric proportional hazards regression
piecewise Piecewise hazards
plot.logrank Plots of hazdata objects.
print.summary.phreg Prints summary.phreg objects
plot.hazdata Plots of hazdata objects.
weibreg Weibull Regression
summary.aftreg Prints aftreg objects
phfunc Loglihood function of a proportional hazards regression
summary.coxreg A summary of coxreg objects.
print.risksets Prints a summary of the content of a set of risk sets.
toBinary Transforms a "survival" data frame into a data frame suitable for binary (logistic) regression
phreg Parametric Proportional Hazards Regression
print.aftreg Prints aftreg objects
toDate Convert time in years since "0000-01-01" to a date.
print.summary.tpchreg Prints summary.tpchreg objects
swedeaths Swedish death data, 1968-2019.
summary.weibreg Prints a weibreg object
print.summary.aftreg Prints summary.aftreg objects
print.coxreg Prints coxreg objects
print.tpchreg Prints tpchreg objects Weibull regression
wfunk Loglihood function of a Weibull regression
regtable Retrieves regression tables
toTime Calculate duration in years from "0000-01-01" to a given date
print.weibreg Prints weibreg objects
toTpch Transform survival data to tabular form
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