elasticnet v1.0-3


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by Hui Zou

Elastic Net Regularization and Variable Selection

Functions in elasticnet

Name Description
cv.enet Computes K-fold cross-validated error curve for elastic net
plot.enet Plot method for enet objects
arrayspc Sparse PCs of Microarrays
print.enet Print method for enet objects
elasticnet-internal Internal elasticnet functions
predict.enet Make predictions or extract coefficients from a fitted elastic net model
diabetes Blood and other measurements in diabetics
spca Sparse Principal Components Analysis
pitprops Pitprops correlation data
print.spca Print method for spca objects
print.arrayspc Print method for arrayspc objects
enet Fits Elastic Net regression models
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Date 2005-04-26
License GPL version 2 or newer
Packaged Fri Apr 29 12:09:10 2005; hzou
depends base , lars , R
Contributors Hui Zou, Trevor Hastie

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