Kumaraswamy Complementary Weibull Geometric (Kw-CWG) Probability Distribution

Density, distribution function, quantile function and random generation for the Kumaraswamy Complementary Weibull Geometric probability distribution (Kw-CWG) lifetime distribution.


This package follows naming convention that is consistent with base R, where density (or probability mass) functions, distribution functions, quantile functions and random generation functions names are followed by d, p, q, and r prefixes.

Behaviour of the functions is consistent with base R, where for not valid parameters values NaN's are returned, while for values beyond function support 0's are returned (e.g. for non-integers in discrete distributions, or for negative values in functions with non-negative support).

All the functions vectorized and coded in C++ using Rcpp.

  • elfDistr
  • elfDistr-package
Documentation reproduced from package elfDistr, version 1.0.0, License: MIT + file LICENSE

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