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Weierstrass and Jacobi Elliptic Functions

A suite of elliptic and related functions including Weierstrass and Jacobi forms. Also includes various tools for manipulating and visualizing complex functions.

Functions in elliptic

Name Description
P.laurent Laurent series for elliptic and related functions
eta Dedekind's eta function
e16.28.1 Numerical verification of equations 16.28.1 to 16.28.5
e18.10.9 Numerical checks of equations 18.10.9-11, page 650
misc Manipulate real or imaginary components of an object
massage Massages numbers near the real line to be real
sqrti Generalized square root
amn matrix a on page 637
J Various modular functions
newton_raphson Newton Raphson iteration to find roots of equations
as.primitive Converts basic periods to a primitive pair
K.fun quarter period K
mob Moebius transformations
farey Farey sequences
p1.tau Does the right thing when calling g2.fun() and g3.fun()
parameters Parameters for Weierstrass's P function
e1e2e3 Calculate e1, e2, e3 from the invariants
near.match Are two vectors close to one another?
elliptic-package elliptic
myintegrate Complex integration
view Visualization of complex functions
pari Wrappers for PARI functions
fpp Fundamental period parallelogram
sn Jacobi form of the elliptic functions
coqueraux Fast, conceptually simple, iterative scheme for Weierstrass P functions
theta Jacobi theta functions 1-4
nome Nome in terms of m or k
divisor Number theoretic functions
theta.neville Neville's form for the theta functions
lattice Lattice of complex numbers
g.fun Calculates the invariants g2 and g3
latplot Plots a lattice of periods on the complex plane
unimodular Unimodular matrices
half.periods Calculates half periods in terms of e
theta1dash Derivatives of theta functions
theta1.dash.zero Derivative of theta1
ck Coefficients of Laurent expansion of Weierstrass P function
congruence Solves mx+by=1 for x and y
WeierstrassP Weierstrass P and related functions
limit Limit the magnitude of elements of a vector
equianharmonic Special cases of the Weierstrass elliptic function
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SystemRequirements pari/gp
License GPL-2
URL https://github.com/RobinHankin/elliptic.git
BugReports https://github.com/RobinHankin/elliptic/issues
NeedsCompilation no
Packaged 2019-03-14 00:30:29 UTC; rhankin
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2019-03-14 06:10:02 UTC
suggests calibrator (>= 1.2-8) , emulator
imports MASS
depends R (>= 2.5.0)

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