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Support Functions and Data for "Ecological Models and Data"

Auxiliary functions and data sets for "Ecological Models and Data", a book presenting maximum likelihood estimation and related topics for ecologists (ISBN 978-0-691-12522-0).

Functions in emdbook

Name Description
calcslice Negative log-likelihood slice
dzinbinom Zero-inflated negative binomial distribution
dmvnorm Multivariate normal distribution density function
contour3d Superimpose contour lines on a 3D plot
dbetabinom Beta-binomial distribution
dchibarsq Mixed chi-squared distributions
metropSB Metropolis-Szymura-Barton algorithm
credint Calculate Bayesian credible intervals
scinot Scientific notation as LaTeX/expression()
perturb.params Create a list of perturbed parameters
trcoef Transform coefficients
SeedPred Seed predation data set from Duncan and Duncan 2000
emdbook-package emdbook
curve3d Plot a 3D surface representing a 2D curve
get.emdbook.packages install and update auxiliary packages
lseq Log-spaced sequence
deltamethod Delta method functions
lambertW Lambert W function
lump.mcmc.list Utility functions for mcmc objects
deprecated Deprecated (obsolete) functions
gridsearch2d Graphical grid search in 2D
Fir Data on fir (Abies) life history
apply2d Apply a function to a combination of vectors
GobySurvival Goby (reef fish) survivorship data
as.mcmc.bugs Convert WinBUGS output to CODA format
HPDregionplot Plot highest posterior density region
Myxo Myxomatosis titer data
Reedfrog Data on reed frog predation experiments
Lily Glacier lily occurrence and fecundity data
Damselfish Reef fish (damselfish) data
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Date/Publication 2020-02-19 16:50:02 UTC

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