emo v0.0.0.9000

Easily Insert 'Emoji'

Makes it easy to insert 'emoji' based on either their name or a descriptive keyword.



The goal of emo(ji) is to make it very easy to insert emoji into RMarkdown documents.

Emoji data from https://github.com/muan/emojilib/.


You can install emo from github with:

# install.packages("devtools")


You can either refer to emoji by their name (which is unique):

``` r emo::ji("poop")


Functions in emo

Name Description
ji Find a single emoji
ji_find List all emoji with a given keyword
ji_p Summarise your p-values with emoji
jis full list of emojis
clock emoji version of time
flag Flag emoji
keycap Keycap emoji sequence
moon moon phase
day_in_synodic_cycle Calculate the number of days in the synodic month
square geometric emoji
medal medals
ji_filter find emoji
ji_glue emoji glue
ji_fisher Convert text to emoji (by letter)
fisher_lst Letter to emoji list
ji_alias emoji aliases
ji_name emoji names
ji_keyword emoji keywords
ji_keyboard emoji keyboard add in
ji_completion emoji completion
ji_count Count the number of emojis in a string
ji_detect Detect the presence or absence of emojis in a string
ji_extract Extract emojis from a string
ji_replace Replace emojis in a string
ji_rx A regular expression to catch all emojis
jitsu_quos find emoji
ji_subset Keep strings containing an emoji, or find positions
ji_locate Lodate the positio of emojis in a string
ji_match Extract emojis from a string
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