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by Tomas Aragon

Epidemiology Tools

Basic tools for applied epidemiology.

Functions in epitools

Name Description
ageadjust.direct Age standardization by direct method
binom.exact Exact confidence intervals for binomial counts or proportions
ageadjust.indirect Age standardization by indirect method
as.week Convert date-time object in 'disease week'
epitab Epidemiologic tabulation for a cohort or case-control study
pois.exact Exact confidence interval for Poisson counts or rates
odds.ratio Risk ratio estimation and confidence intervals
risk.ratio Risk ratio estimation and confidence intervals
table.margins Marginal totals of a table
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Date 2004-10-04
License GPL version 2 or newer
URL http://www.epitools.net
Packaged Mon Nov 8 13:25:31 2004; Tomas
Contributors Tomas Aragon

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