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by Matthew Lincoln

Historical Populations of European Cities, 1500-1800

This dataset contains populations of all European cities with at least 10,000 inhabitants during the period 1500-1800. These data are adapted from Jan De Vries, "European Urbanization, 1500-1800" (1984).



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Historical populations of European cities, 1500-1800, as compiled by Jan De Vries, European Urbanization, 1500-1800 (Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1984), Appendix I.

The original tables as published in De Vries 1984 are available in data-raw/extracted, with the tidied version available in data-raw/europop.csv

With this package, I have also included a table of coordinates for each city in data-raw/city_coords.csv.

Matthew Lincoln

Functions in europop

Name Description
city_coords Coodinates of European Cities
europop Historical Population Data for Urban Europe
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