Wrapper Function for Weaving Either Rnw or Rmd Exercises

Simple wrapper function that either calls Sweave for Rnw exercises or knit for Rmd exercises.

xweave(file, quiet = TRUE, encoding = NULL, engine = NULL, envir = new.env(),
    pdf = TRUE, png = FALSE, svg = FALSE, height = 6, width = 6, resolution = 100,
    highlight = FALSE, …)
file, quiet, encoding

arguments passed to Sweave or knit, respectively.


character indicating whether "Sweave" (default) or "knitr" should be used for rendering Rnw exercises.


argument passed to knit. By default, or if envir = NULL a new.env() is created for each xweave() call.

pdf, png, svg, height, width, resolution, highlight, …

arguments passed to Sweave or opts_chunk, respectively. In the latter case: pdf/png/svg are mapped to dev; height/width are mapped to fig.height/fig.width; and resolution is mapped to dpi. highlight is ignored for Sweave.


Depending on whether file has an .Rnw or .Rmd suffix, either Sweave or knit is called for weaving the file by default. Rnw exercises can optionally also be weaved by knit by setting engine = "knitr".

If png = TRUE or svg = TRUE when calling Sweave, then the resulting includegraphics statements are supplemented with the .png or .svg suffix of the corresponding graphics. For svg a simple graphics device hook .xweave_svg_grdevice is provided on-the-fly for plug-in into Sweave.

See Also

Sweave, knit

  • xweave
Documentation reproduced from package exams, version 2.3-6, License: GPL-2 | GPL-3

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