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Extremely Randomized Trees (ExtraTrees) Method for Classification and Regression

Classification and regression based on an ensemble of decision trees. The package also provides extensions of ExtraTrees to multi-task learning and quantile regression. Uses Java implementation of the method.

Functions in extraTrees

Name Description
predict.extraTrees Function for making predictions from trained ExtraTree object.
toJavaMatrix2D Utility function for converting an R matrix (standard matrix or SparseMatrix) to appropriate Java matrix object.
extraTrees Function for training ExtraTree classifier or regression.
toJavaCSMatrix Utility function for converting an R SparseMatrix (package Matrix) to Java (column) sparse matrix.
toJavaMatrix Utility function for converting an R matrix (numeric matrix) to Java matrix.
selectTrees Makes a sub-ExtraTrees object by keeping only selected trees.
toRMatrix Utility function for converting Java matrix to R matrix (matrix of doubles).
setJavaMemory Utility function for setting Java memory.
prepareForSave Prepares ExtraTrees object for save() function
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Date 2014-12-27
SystemRequirements Java (>= 1.6)
NeedsCompilation no
License Apache License 2.0
URL http://github.com/jaak-s/extraTrees
Packaged 2014-12-27 17:56:50 UTC; jaak
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2014-12-27 23:41:04

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