extremeStat (version 1.5.3)

extremeStat: Extreme value statistics on a linear scale


Fit (via L moments), plot (on a linear scale) and compare (by goodness of fit) several (extreme value) distributions. Compute high quantiles even in small samples and estimate extrema at given return periods.
Open the Vignette for an introduction to the package: vignette("extremeStat")
This package heavily relies on and thankfully acknowledges the package lmomco by WH Asquith.


Package overview

The main functions in the extremeStat package are:

distLweights-> plotLweights
distLfit-> plotLfit
q_gpd + q_weighted -> distLquantile-> plotLquantile
distLextreme-> plotLextreme

They create and modify a list object printed by (and documented in) printL.


Berry Boessenkool, berry-b@gmx.de, 2014-2016

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Run this code
data(annMax) # annual discharge maxima from a stream in Austria
plot(annMax, type="l")
dle <- distLextreme(annMax)

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