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Functional Data Analysis

These functions were developed to support functional data analysis as described in Ramsay, J. O. and Silverman, B. W. (2005) Functional Data Analysis. New York: Springer. They were ported from earlier versions in Matlab and S-PLUS. An introduction appears in Ramsay, J. O., Hooker, Giles, and Graves, Spencer (2009) Functional Data Analysis with R and Matlab (Springer). The package includes data sets and script files working many examples including all but one of the 76 figures in this latter book. Matlab versions of the code and sample analyses are no longer distributed through CRAN, as they were when the book was published. For those, ftp from http://www.psych.mcgill.ca/misc/fda/downloads/FDAfuns/ There you find a set of .zip files containing the functions and sample analyses, as well as two .txt files giving instructions for installation and some additional information. The changes from Version 2.4.1 are fixes of bugs in density.fd and removal of functions create.polynomial.basis, polynompen, and polynomial. These were deleted because the monomial basis does the same thing and because there were errors in the code.

Functions in fda

Name Description
as.POSIXct1970 as.POXIXct for number of seconds since the start of 1970.
as.fd Convert a spline object to class 'fd'
df.residual.fRegress Degress of Freedom for Residuals from a Functional Regression
eval.monfd Values of a Monotone Functional Data Object
monfn Evaluates a monotone function
fdaMatlabPath Add 'fdaM' to the Matlab path
Fstat.fd F-statistic for functional linear regression.
ReginaPrecip Regina Daily Precipitation
polygpen Polygonal Penalty Matrix
argvalsy.swap Swap argvals with y if the latter is simpler.
TaylorSpline Taylor representation of a B-Spline
lines.fd Add Lines from Functional Data to a Plot
Eigen Eigenanalysis preserving dimnames
density.fd Compute a Probability Density Function
MontrealTemp Montreal Daily Temperature
intensity.fd Intensity Function for Point Process
arithmetic.fd Arithmetic on functional data ('fd') objects
exponpen Exponential Penalty Matrix
plot.Lfd Plot a Linear Differential Operator Object
cca.fd Functional Canonical Correlation Analysis
smooth.pos Smooth Data with a Positive Function
bifdPar Define a Bivariate Functional Parameter Object
create.bspline.basis Create a B-spline Basis
refinery Reflux and tray level in a refinery
create.exponential.basis Create an Exponential Basis
dateAccessories Numeric and character vectors to facilitate working with dates
dirs Get subdirectories
eval.basis Values of Basis Functions or their Derivatives
fd2list Convert a univariate functional data object to s list
int2Lfd Convert Integer to Linear Differential Operator
linmod Fit Fully Functional Linear Model
eval.bifd Values a Two-argument Functional Data Object
summary.basisfd Summarize a Functional Data Object
eval.posfd Evaluate a Positive Functional Data Object
is.basis Confirm Object is Class "Basisfd"
handwrit Cursive handwriting samples
lmWinsor12 Support functions for lmWinsor
create.monomial.basis Create a Monomial Basis
create.constant.basis Create a Constant Basis
plotbeta Plot a functional parameter object with confidence limits
cor.fd Correlation matrix from functional data object(s)
is.fd Confirm Object has Class "fd"
sd.fd Standard Deviation of Functional Data
symsolve solve(A, B) where A is symmetric
knots.fd Extract the knots from a function basis or data object
fbplot Functional Boxplots
register.fd0 Correct for initial position error between functional data objects.
summary.bifd Summarize a Bivariate Functional Data Object
lip Lip motion
fRegress.CV Computes Cross-validated Error Sum of Integrated Squared Errors for a Functional Regression Model
seabird Sea Bird Counts
fRegress.stderr Compute Standard errors of Coefficient Functions Estimated by Functional Regression Analysis
center.fd Center Functional Data
eval.penalty Evaluate a Basis Penalty Matrix
fd Define a Functional Data Object
file.copy2 Copy a file with a default 'to' name
getbasismatrix Values of Basis Functions or their Derivatives
axisIntervals Mark Intervals on a Plot Axis
plot.pca.fd Plot Functional Principal Components
tperm.fd Permutation t-test for two groups of functional data objects.
create.fourier.basis Create a Fourier Basis
ppBspline Convert a B-spline function to piece-wise polynomial form
evaldiag.bifd Evaluate the Diagonal of a Bivariate Functional Data Object
matplot Plot Columns of Matrices
onechild growth in height of one 10-year-old boy
norder Order of a B-spline
melanoma melanoma 1936-1972
lmWinsor Winsorized Regression
svd2 singular value decomposition with automatic error handling
CanadianWeather Canadian average annual weather cycle
fda-package Functional Data Analysis in R
monomial Evaluate Monomial Basis
Data2fd Create a functional data object from data
Fperm.fd Permutation F-test for functional linear regression.
residuals.fRegress Residuals from a Functional Regression
geigen Generalized eigenanalysis
bifd Create a bivariate functional data object
create.power.basis Create a Power Basis Object
create.polygonal.basis Create a Polygonal Basis
plot.basisfd Plot a Basis Object
register.fd Register Functional Data Objects Using a Continuous Criterion
plot.lmWinsor lmWinsor plot
smooth.monotone Monotone Smoothing of Data
summary.fd Summarize a Functional Data Object
register.newfd Register Functional Data Objects with Pre-Computed Warping Functions
checkLogicalInteger Does an argument satisfy required conditions?
nondurables Nondurable goods index
objAndNames Add names to an object
cycleplot.fd Plot Cycles for a Periodic Bivariate Functional Data Object
predict.fRegress Predict method for Functional Regression
exponentiate.fd Powers of a functional data ('fd') object
fourierpen Fourier Penalty Matrix
smooth.bibasis Smooth a discrete surface over a rectangular lattice
is.fdSmooth Confirm Object has Class "fdSmooth"
CSTR Continuously Stirred Tank Reactor
is.fdPar Confirm Object has Class "fdPar"
lambda2df Convert Smoothing Parameter to Degrees of Freedom
inprod Inner products of Functional Data Objects.
getbasispenalty Evaluate a Roughness Penalty Matrix
is.Lfd Confirm Object has Class "Lfd"
fdlabels Extract plot labels and names for replicates and variables
expon Exponential Basis Function Values
odesolv Numerical Solution mth Order Differential Equation System
basisfd Define a Functional Basis Object
mean.fd Mean of Functional Data
predict.lmeWinsor Predict method for Winsorized linear model fits with mixed effects
fourier Fourier Basis Function Values
zerofind Does the range of the input contain 0?
pda.fd Principal Differential Analysis
varmx Rotate a Matrix of Component Loadings using the VARIMAX Criterion
polyg Polygonal Basis Function Values
smooth.fd Smooth a Functional Data Object Using an Indirectly Specified Roughness Penalty
as.array3 Reshape a vector or array to have 3 dimensions.
quadset Quadrature points and weights for Simpson's rule
summary.fdPar Summarize a Functional Parameter Object
gait Hip and knee angle while walking
varmx.cca.fd Rotation of Functional Canonical Components with VARIMAX
powerpen Power Penalty Matrix
powerbasis Power Basis Function Values
basisfd.product Product of two basisfd objects
landmark.reg.expData Experiment data for landmark registration and alignment
smooth.basisPar Smooth Data Using a Directly Specified Roughness Penalty
phaseplanePlot Phase-plane plot
var.fd Variance, Covariance, and Correlation Surfaces for Functional Data Object(s)
plotscores Plot Principal Component Scores
pca.fd Functional Principal Components Analysis
coef.fd Extract functional coefficients
vec2Lfd Make a Linear Differential Operator Object from a Vector
bsplineS B-spline Basis Function Values
sum.fd Sum of Functional Data
monomialpen Evaluate Monomial Roughness Penalty Matrix
fRegress Functional Regression Analysis
eval.fd Values of a Functional Data Object
AmpPhaseDecomp Decomposition for Amplitude and Phase Variation
smooth.fdPar Smooth a functional data object using a directly specified roughness penalty
fdPar Define a Functional Parameter Object
inprod.bspline Compute Inner Products B-spline Expansions.
lambda2gcv Compute GCV Criterion
lmeWinsor Winsorized Regression with mixed effects
plotfit Plot a Functional Data Object With Data
Lfd Define a Linear Differential Operator Object
arithmetic.basisfd Arithmatic on functional basis objects
CRAN Test if running as CRAN
StatSciChinese Statistical Science in Chinese
checkDims3 Compare dimensions and dimnames of arrays
df2lambda Convert Degrees of Freedom to a Smoothing Parameter Value
growth Berkeley Growth Study data
infantGrowth Tibia Length for One Baby
project.basis Approximate Functional Data Using a Basis
plot.fd Plot a Functional Data Object
readHMD Download data from the Human Mortality Database (HMD)
smooth.basis Construct a functional data object by smoothing data using a roughness penalty
varmx.pca.fd Rotation of Functional Principal Components with VARIMAX Criterion
pda.overlay Stability Analysis for Principle Differential Analysis
bsplinepen B-Spline Penalty Matrix
getbasisrange Extract the range from a basis object
predict.lmWinsor Predict method for Winsorized linear model fits
smooth.morph Estimates a Smooth Warping Function
summary.Lfd Summarize a Linear Differential Operator Object
create.basis Create Basis Set for Functional Data Analysis
deriv.fd Compute a Derivative of a Functional Data Object
landmarkreg Landmark Registration of Functional Observations
wtcheck Check a vector of weights
pinch pinch force data
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