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Basic Statistical Functions for Package 'ff'

Extends the out of memory vectors of 'ff' with statistical functions and other utilities to ease their usage.

Functions in ffbase

Name Description
as.character.ff Character Vectors
binned_sum Fast summing in different bins
as.ffdf.ffdf Trivial implementation, but very handy
bigglm.ffdf Bounded memory linear regression
all.ff Summary methods for ff objects
as.ram.ffdf As ram for an ffdf to get your ffdf as a data frame in RAM
binned_sumsq Fast squared summing in different bins
as.Date.ff_vector Date Conversion Functions for ff vector
chunkify Chunkify an element-wise function
byMean Fast conditional mean
condMean Fast conditional mean
bySum Fast conditional sum
diff.ff Lagged Differences
droplevels.ff The function droplevels is used to drop unused levels from a ff factor or , more commonly, from factors in a ffdf
c.ff Concatenate ff vectors
duplicated.ff Duplicated for ff and ffdf objects
condSum Fast conditional sum
droplevels.ffdf The function droplevels is used to drop unused levels from factors in a ffdf
compact Compact a ff vector or ffdf data frame
[.ff Reading and writing vectors extended to handle logical ff vectors as indexes
chunkexpr Chunk an expression
[.ffdf Reading and writing data.frames (ffdf)
abs.ff_vector Math for ff vectors
any.ff Summary methods for ff objects
ffdfrbind.fill rbind for ffdf where missing columns are added if not available in one of the ffdf objects
ffdfwith Evaluate an expression in a ffdf data environment
>.ff_vector Ops for ff vectors
ffwhich Create an index from a filter statement
ffseq_len Sequence Generation of ff vectors.
quantile.ff quantiles
table Cross Tabulation and Table Creation
tabulate.ff Tabulation for ff vectors
rle_ff Compute the lengths and values of runs of equal values in a vector
min.ff Minimum, maximum and range of ff vector
ffseq Sequence Generation of ff vectors.
move.ffdf Moves all the columns of ffdf data.frames into a directory
ffrep.int Replicate Elements of ff vectors.
ffdfappend Append a dataframe or an ffdf to another ffdf
transform.ffdf Transform a ffdf data.frame
ffdfdply Performs a split-apply-combine on an ffdf
unique.ff Unique values for ff and ffdf objects
ikey Creates a unique integer key for unique combinations of rows of an ffdf
ffappend Append a ff vector to another ff vector
within.ffdf Evaluate an expression in a ffdf data environment
cut.ff Convert Numeric ff vector to factor ff
ffifelse Conditional Element Selection for ff vectors.
cumsum.ff Cumulative Sums, Products, and Extremes
expand.ffgrid Create a ffdf from All Combinations of Factors
+.ff_vector Arithmetic Operators for ff vectors
is.na.ff 'Not Available' / Missing Values for ff vectors
ffmatch Value Matching for ff objects
mean.ff Mean of ff vector
ffbase-package Basic statistical functions for ff
with.ffdf Evaluate an expression in a ffdf data environment
unpack.ffdf Unpacks previously stored ffdf data.frame into a directory
merge.ffdf Merge two ffdf by common columns, or do other versions of database join operations.
addfforder Add the order of a ff vector of the ff vector x
ffrandom Generate ff vector with draws from distribution
hist.ff hist for ff vectors
subset.ff Subsetting a ff vector or ffdfdata frame
pack.ffdf Packs ffdf data.frames into a compressed file
hist2d.ff compute and plot 2 dimensional histogram of ff data
ffdfsave Save a ffdf data.frame in directory
format.ff_vector Date Conversion Functions for ff vector
sum.ff Sum of ff vector Elements
load.ffdf Loads ffdf data.frames from a directory
grouprunningcumsum Groups the input integer vector into several groups if the running cumulative sum increases a certain maximum number
laf_to_ffdf Use LaF to import data into ffdf data.frame
save.ffdf Save ffdf data.frames in a directory
set_ffbase_logging sets the logging of ffbase
binned_tabulate Fast tabulating in different bins
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License GPL-3
Type Package
LazyLoad yes
URL http://github.com/edwindj/ffbase
RoxygenNote 7.0.2
Encoding UTF-8
NeedsCompilation yes
Packaged 2020-03-08 13:33:09 UTC; edwindj
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2020-03-18 09:00:02 UTC

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