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flextable R package

User Documentation: https://ardata-fr.github.io/flextable-book/

The flextable package provides a framework for easily create tables for reporting and publications. Tables can be easily formatted with a set of verbs such as bold(), color(), they can receive a header of more than one line, cells can be merged or contain an image. The package make it possible to build any table for publication from a `data.frame’.

An API is available to let R users create tables for reporting and control their formatting properties and their layout. A flextable object is a data.frame representation, it can be manipulated with functions that give control over:

  • header, body and footer content
  • text, paragraphs, cells and border formatting of any element
  • displayed values



You can get the development version from GitHub:




The help pages are in a bookdown located at: https://ardata-fr.github.io/flextable-book/

Manuals are available at: https://davidgohel.github.io/flextable/reference/index.html

A gallery of examples is available here: https://ardata-fr.github.io/flextable-gallery/gallery/

Getting help

This project is developed and maintained on my own time. If you have questions about how to use the package, visit Stackoverflow and use tags flextable and r Stackoverflow link!

Contributing to the package

Code of Conduct

Anyone getting involved in this package agrees to our Code of Conduct.

Bug reports

When you file a bug report, please spend some time making it easy for me to follow and reproduce. The more time you spend on making the bug report coherent, the more time I can dedicate to investigate the bug as opposed to the bug report.

Contributing to the package development

A great way to start is to contribute an example or improve the documentation.

If you want to submit a Pull Request to integrate functions of yours, please provide:

  • the new function(s) with code and roxygen tags (with examples)
  • a new section in the appropriate vignette that describes how to use the new function
  • corresponding tests in directory tests/testthat.

By using rhub (run rhub::check_for_cran()), you will see if everything is ok. When submitted, the PR will be evaluated automatically on travis and appveyor and you will be able to see if something broke.

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May 17th, 2021

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