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Dithionite Scramblase Assay Analysis

The lipid scrambling activity of protein extracts and purified scramblases is often determined using a fluorescence-based assay involving many manual steps. flippant offers an integrated solution for the analysis and publication-grade graphical presentation of dithionite scramblase assays, as well as a platform for review, dissemination and extension of the strategies it employs. The package's name derives from a play on the fact that lipid scrambling is also sometimes referred to as 'flipping'.

Functions in flippant

Name Description
parse_felix_32_output parse_felix_32_output
extract_case_study_data Extract the case study dataset
parse_felix_gx_output parse_felix_gx_output
parse_manual_output parse_manual_output
flippant flippant
scramblase_assay_input_template scramblase_assay_plot
parse_fluorimeter_output parse_fluorimeter_output
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