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by Minato Nakazawa

Functions for Medical Statistics Book with some Demographic Data

Several utility functions for the book entitled "Practices of Medical and Health Data Analysis using R" (Pearson Education Japan, 2007) with Japanese demographic data and some demographic analysis related functions.

Functions in fmsb

Name Description
Jvital Longitudinal data of several vital statistics in Japan
lifetable Lifetable functions with mutual conversions
riskratio Calculate risk ratio and its confidence intervals
oddsratio Calculate odds ratio and its confidence intervals
pvalueplot Drawing p-value function plot by a cross table
Jlife Completed lifetables in Japan.
CM Coale and McNeil's model nupitiality and its fitting
Jpop Japanese population data
NagelkerkeR2 Calculate Nagelkerke's R squared.
truemedian Calculate true median for data with ties.
rateratio Calculate incidence rate ratio and its confidence intervals
ratedifference Calculate incidence rate difference and its confidence intervals
Kappa.test Calculate Cohen's kappa statistics for agreement
S60MPJ Model population of Japan in Showa 60 (1985)
gstem Draw the stem and leaf plot in a graphic device.
Siler Siler's model mortality for qx and its fitting
VIF Calculate variance inflation factor (VIF) from the result of lm.
geary.test Geary's test for normality about kurtosis.
radarchart Drawing radar chart (a.k.a. spider plot)
mhchart Draw maternity history charts.
CT Coale and Trussell's model marital fertility and its fitting
Hadwiger Hadwiger's model fertility and its fitting
SIQR Calculate semi-interquartile range
CronbachAlpha Calculate Cronbach's alpha coefficient.
GompertzMakeham Gompertz-Makeham's model mortality for u(x) and its fitting
JASM Japanese mortality data
Jfert Age-specific fertility rates and age-specific marital fertility rates in Japan.
pairwise.fisher.test Exact version of pairwise.prop.test
Denny Denny's model mortality for lx and its fitting
roc Calculate Receiver Operating Characteristic (ROC) curve
Jvital2013byPref Cross sectional data of several vital statistics in Japan 2013 for each prefecture
Jpopl Japanese population data (unshrunken version)
percentile Convert numeric vector into its percentile
riskdifference Calculate risk difference and its confidence intervals
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Date 2015-09-10
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Packaged 2015-09-10 15:54:04 UTC; Minato
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Date/Publication 2015-09-11 08:04:25

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