The Foreach Package

The foreach package provides a new looping construct for executing R code repeatedly. The main reason for using the foreach package is that it supports parallel execution. The foreach package can be used with a variety of different parallel computing systems, include NetWorkSpaces and snow. In addition, foreach can be used with iterators, which allows the data to specified in a very flexible way.


Further information is available in the following help topics:

foreach Specify the variables to iterate over
%do% Execute the R expression sequentially
%dopar% Execute the R expression using the currently registered backend

To see a tutorial introduction to the foreach package, use vignette("foreach").

To see a demo of foreach computing the sinc function, use demo(sincSEQ).

Some examples (in addition to those in the help pages) are included in the ``examples'' directory of the foreach package. To list the files in the examples directory, use list.files(system.file("examples", package="foreach")). To run the bootstrap example, use source(system.file("examples", "bootseq.R", package="foreach")).

For a complete list of functions with individual help pages, use library(help="foreach").

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Documentation reproduced from package foreach, version 1.4.4, License: Apache License (== 2.0)

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