fpc (version 2.2-9)

tonedata: Tone perception data


The tone perception data stem from an experiment of Cohen (1980) and have been analyzed in de Veaux (1989). A pure fundamental tone was played to a trained musician. Electronically generated overtones were added, determined by a stretching ratio of stretchratio. stretchratio=2.0 corresponds to the harmonic pattern usually heard in traditional definite pitched instruments. The musician was asked to tune an adjustable tone to the octave above the fundamental tone. tuned gives the ratio of the adjusted tone to the fundamental, i.e. tuned=2.0 would be the correct tuning for all stretchratio-values. The data analyzed here belong to 150 trials with the same musician. In the original study, there were four further musicians.





A data frame with 2 variables stretchratio and tuned and 150 cases.


de Veaux, R. D. (1989) Mixtures of Linear Regressions, Computational Statistics and Data Analysis 8, 227-245.