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Robust Data Analysis Through Monitoring and Dynamic Visualization

Provides interface to the 'MATLAB' toolbox 'Flexible Statistical Data Analysis (FSDA)' which is a comprehensive and computationally efficient software package for robust statistics in regression, multivariate and categorical data analysis. The current R version implements tools for regression: (forward search, S- and MM-estimation, least trimmed squares (LTS) and least median of squares (LMS)), for multivariate analysis (forward search, S- and MM-estimation), for cluster analysis and cluster-wise regression. The distinctive feature of our package is the possibility of monitoring the statistics of interest as function of breakdown point, efficiency or subset size, depending on the estimator. This is accompanied by a rich set of graphical features, such as dynamic brushing, linking, particularly useful for exploratory data analysis.

Functions in fsdaR

Name Description
LXS_control Creates an LSX_control object
Sreg_control Creates an Sreg_control object
Sregeda_control Creates an Sregeda_control object
fsmeda.object Description of fsmeda.object Objects
carbikeplot Produces the carbike plot to find best relevant clustering solutions obtained by tclustICsol
corfwdplot Monitoring the correlations between consecutive distances or residuals
fsmmmdrs Performs random start monitoring of minimum Mahalanobis distance
fsdalts.object Description of fsdalts Objects
fsdalms.object Description of fsdalms Objects
MMregeda_control Creates an MMregeda_control object
MMreg_control Creates an MMreg_control object
diabetes Diabetes data
emilia2001 Demographic data from the 341 miniciplaities in Emilia Romagna (an Italian region).
M5data Mixture M5 Data.
FSReda_control Creates an FSReda_control object
fsmult.object Description of fsmult.object Objects
FSR_control Creates an FSR_control object
fsr.object Description of fsr Objects
fsmult Gives an automatic outlier detection procedure in multivariate analysis
fsmmmdrs.object Description of fsmmmdrs.object Objects
malindexplot Plots the trajectory of minimum Mahalanobis distance (mmd)
geyser2 Old Faithful Geyser Data.
mdrplot Plots the trajectory of minimum deletion residual (mdr)
malfwdplot Plots the trajectories of scaled Mahalanobis distances along the search
levfwdplot Plots the trajectories of the monitored scaled (squared) residuals
loyalty Loyalty data
mmdrsplot Plots the trajectories of minimum Mahalanobis distances from different starting points
mmdplot Plots the trajectory of minimum Mahalanobis distance (mmd)
resindexplot Plots the residuals from a regression analysis versus index number or any other variable
fsreg fsreg: an automatic outlier detection procedure in linear regression
smult.object Description of smult.object Objects
fsreda.object Description of fsreda Objects
smulteda.object Description of smulteda.object Objects
mmregeda.object Description of mmregeda Objects
resfwdplot Plots the trajectories of the monitored scaled (squared) residuals
mmmulteda.object Description of mmmulteda.object Objects
mmreg.object Description of mmreg Objects
smult Computes S estimators in multivariate analysis
mmmult Computes MM estimators in multivariate analysis with auxiliary S-scale
mmmult.object Description of mmmult.object Objects
swissbanknotes Swiss banknote data
summary.fsdalts Summary Method for fsdalts objects
tclustICsol Extracts a set of best relevant solutions obtained by tclustIC
tclustICplot Plots information criterion as a function of c and k, based on the solutions obtained by tclustIC
swissheads Swiss banknote data
tclustIC Performs cluster analysis by calling tclustfsda for different number of groups k and restriction factors c
tclusteda.object Objects returned by the function tclustfsda with the option monitoring=TRUE
tclustfsda Computes trimmed clustering with scatter restrictions
summary.fsr Summary Method for FSR objects
tclustfsda.object Objects returned by the function tclustfsda
tclustic.object Objects returned by the function tclustIC
sregeda.object Description of sregeda Objects
sreg.object Description of sreg Objects
summary.fsdalms Summary Method for fsdalms objects
tclusticsol.object Objects returned by the function tclustICsol
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Date 2020-01-13
VersionNote Released 0.4-8 on 2020-01-13 on CRAN
SystemRequirements (license-free) MATLAB Runtime (MCR) V 9.6, Java (>=8)
LazyLoad yes
LazyData yes
License GPL (>= 2)
Packaged 2020-01-14 12:53:15 UTC; todorovv
NeedsCompilation no
Repository CRAN
RoxygenNote 7.0.2
Date/Publication 2020-01-14 16:40:02 UTC

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