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Generalized Additive Models

Functions for fitting and working with generalized additive models, as described in chapter 7 of "Statistical Models in S" (Chambers and Hastie (eds), 1991), and "Generalized Additive Models" (Hastie and Tibshirani, 1990).

Functions in gam

Name Description
gam.smoothers Smoothers available for backfitting
predict.gam Predict method for GAM fits
random Specify a Random Effects Fit in a GAM Formula
kyphosis A classic example dataset for GAMs
lo Specify a loess fit in a GAM formula
anova.gam Analysis of Deviance for a Generalized Additive Model
gam-internal Service functions and as yet undocumented functions for the gam library
gam Fitting Generalized Additive Models
gam.control Auxilliary for controlling GAM fitting Simulated dataset for gam
gam.exact A method for gam producing asymptotically exact standard errors
na.gam.replace Missing Data Filter for GAMs
plot.gam Plot Components of a GAM Object
s Specify a Smoothing Spline Fit in a GAM Formula
step.gam Stepwise model builder for GAM
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Type Package
Date 2017-04-20
License GPL-2
NeedsCompilation yes
Packaged 2017-04-24 21:47:15 UTC; hastie
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2017-04-25 06:27:16 UTC
suggests akima
depends foreach , splines , stats
Contributors Trevor Hastie

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