gamair (version 1.0-2)

gamair-package: Data and scripts for `Generalized Additive Models: An Introduction with R'


This package contains the data sets used in the book Generalized Additive Models: An Introduction with R, which covers linear and generalized linear models, GAMs as implemented in package mgcv and mixed model extensions of these.

There are help files containing the R code for each chapter and its exercise solutions, for the second edition of the book.

The script files for the first edition of the book can be found in the 'scripts' folder of the 'inst' folder of the source package. They have been modified slightly to work with recent versions of mgcv (e.g. >= 1.7-0).



Each dataset has its own help page, which describes the dataset, and gives the original source and associated references. All datasets have been reformatted into standard R data frames. Some smaller datasets from the book have not been included. Datasets from other R packages have not been included, with the exception of a distillation of one set from the NMMAPSdata package.


aral                    Aral sea chlorophyll
aral.bnd                Aral sea boundary
bird                    Bird distribution data from Portugal
blowfly                 Nicholson's Blowfly data
bone                    Bone marrow treatment survival data.
brain                   Brain scan data
cairo                   Daily temperature data for Cairo
CanWeather              Canadian annual temperature curves
chicago                 Chicago air pollution and death rate data
chl                     Chlorophyll data
co2s                    Atmospheric CO2 at South Pole
coast                   European coastline from -11 to 0 East and from
                        43 to 59 North.
engine                  Engine wear versus size data
german.polys.rda        Polygons defining german local regions
gamair                  Generalized Additive Models: An Introduction
                        With R
harrier                 Hen Harriers Eating Grouse
hubble                  Hubble Space Telescope Data
ipo                     Initial Public Offering Data
larynx                  Cancer of the larynx in Germany
mack                    Egg data from 1992 mackerel survey
mackp                   Prediction grid data for 1992 mackerel egg
med                     2010 mackerel egg survey data
meh                     2010 horse mackerel egg survey data
prostate                Protein mass spectra for prostate diagnosis
sitka                   Sitka spruce growth and ozone data
sole                    Sole Eggs in the Bristol Channel
sperm.comp1             Sperm competition data I
sperm.comp2             Sperm competition data II
swer                    Swiss extreme ranfall data
stomata                 Artifical stomatal area data
wesdr                   Diabetic retinopathy data
wine                    Bordeaux Wines


Wood, S.N. (2006,2017) Generalized Additive Models: An Introduction with R, CRC

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