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Data used as examples to demonstrate GAMLSS models.

Functions in

Name Description
aids Aids Cases in England and Wales
glasses Reading Glasses Data
grip The hand grip strength data
rent99 Munich rent data of 1999
acidity The Acidity Data files for GAMLSS
rent99.polys The boundaries file for Munich rent data from the 1999 survey.
alveolar The Alveolar Data files for GAMLSS
tensile The Tensile Data files for GAMLSS
tidal The tidal data set
CD4 The CD4 Count Data files for GAMLSS
InfMort Infant Mortality Data
aep The Hospital Stay Data
dbhh Head circumference and height of Dutch Boys
VictimsOfCrime Reported victims of crime data
db Head Circumference of Dutch Boys
abdom Abdominal Circumference Data
brownfat The brown fat data set
cable The cable data set
computer The Computer Failure Data files for GAMLSS
mvi The motor vehicle insurance data
bush2000 The Bush 2000 election data
LGAclaims The LGA Claims Data files for GAMLSS
Mums Mothers encouragement data
fabric The Fabric Data
hodges Hodges data
cysts Data for count data
Leukemia The Leukemia data
eu15 GDP of 15 EU counties from 1960 to 2009
dbbmi BMI of Dutch Boys
oil The oil price data
film30 Film revenue data for the 1930's
lice Data files for GAMLSS
lungFunction The lung function data
polio Poliomyelitis cases in US
margolin The Margolin Data files for GAMLSS
rent Rent data
meta A Meta Analysis on Smoking Cessation
respInf Respiratory Infection in Indonesian Children.
species The Fish Species Data files for GAMLSS
sleep Data on sleep
usair US air pollution data set
vas5 Visual analog scale (VAS) data
glass The Glass Data files for GAMLSS
stylo The Stylometric Data files for GAMLSS
film90 Film revenue data for the 1990's
parzen The Parzen Data File for GAMLSS
plasma The plasma data set
trd Tokyo Rainfall Data
tse The Turkish stock exchange index
aircond Air-conditioning data
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LazyData yes
Date 2019-05-14
License GPL-2 | GPL-3
NeedsCompilation no
Packaged 2019-05-14 09:00:19 UTC; MikisStasinopoulos
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2019-05-15 09:40:07 UTC

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