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Fit Regularization Path for Generalized Additive Models

Using overlap grouped-lasso penalties, 'gamsel' selects whether a term in a 'gam' is nonzero, linear, or a non-linear spline (up to a specified max df per variable). It fits the entire regularization path on a grid of values for the overall penalty lambda, both for gaussian and binomial families.

Functions in gamsel

Name Description
getActive Returns active variables
gamsel-internal Internal gamsel functions
print.gamsel print a gamsel object
gamsel-package gamsel
predict.gamsel Gamsel Prediction Routine
gamsel Fit Regularization Path for Gaussian or Binomial Generalized Additive Model
plot.gamsel Plotting Routine gamsel Object
cv.gamsel Cross-validation Routine for Gamsel Plotting Routine for Gamsel Cross-Validation Object
basis.gen Generate pseudo-spline bases
summary.gamsel Gamsel summary routine
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Type Package
Date 2018-03-31
License GPL-2
NeedsCompilation yes
Packaged 2018-04-01 01:51:22 UTC; hastie
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2018-04-01 03:23:38 UTC

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