Marginals in Gaussian Copula Marginal Regression Models

These functions set the marginals in Gaussian copula marginal regression models.

regression, nonlinear
beta.marg(link = "logit")
binomial.marg(link = "logit")
Gamma.marg(link = "inverse")
gaussian.marg(link = "identity")
negbin.marg(link = "log")
poisson.marg(link = "log")
weibull.marg(link = "log")

a specification for the model link function. See family for the special case of generalized linear models.


Beta marginals specified by beta.marg are parametrized in terms of mean and dispersion as in betareg. See Cribari-Neto and Zeileis (2010) and Ferrari and Cribari-Neto (2004).

For binomial marginals specified by binomial.marg, the response is specified as a factor when the first level denotes failure and all others success or as a two-column matrix with the columns giving the numbers of successes and failures.

Negative binomial marginals implemented in negbin.marg are parametrized such that \(var(Y)=E(Y)+k E(Y)^2\).

For back-compatibility with previous versions of the gcmr package, short names for the marginals bn.marg, gs.marg, nb.marg, and ps.marg remain valid as an alternative to (preferred) longer versions binomial.marg, gaussian.marg, negbin.marg, and poisson.marg.


An object of class marginal.gcmr representing the marginal component.


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See Also

gcmr, betareg.

  • gaussian.marg
  • beta.marg
  • binomial.marg
  • poisson.marg
  • negbin.marg
  • Gamma.marg
  • weibull.marg
  • gs.marg
  • bn.marg
  • ps.marg
  • nb.marg
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