Gaussian Copula Marginal Regression

Fits Gaussian copula marginal regression models described in Song (2000) and Masarotto and Varin (2012; 2017).


Gaussian copula models are frequently used to extend univariate regression models to the multivariate case. The principal merit of the approach is that the specification of the regression model is conveniently separated from the dependence structure described in the familiar form of the correlation matrix of a multivariate Gaussian distribution (Song 2000). This form of flexibility has been successfully employed in several complex applications including longitudinal data analysis, spatial statistics, genetics and time series. Some useful references can be found in Masarotto and Varin (2012; 2017), Song et al. (2013) and Nikoloulopoulos (2015).

This package contains R functions that implement the methodology discussed in Masarotto and Varin (2012) and Guolo and Varin (2014). The main function is gcmr, which fits Gaussian copula marginal regression models. Inference is performed through a likelihood approach. Computation of the exact likelihood is possible only for continuous responses, otherwise the likelihood function is approximated by importance sampling. See Masarotto and Varin (2017) for details.


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