geneplotter v1.50.0

Graphics related functions for Bioconductor

Functions for plotting genomic data

Functions in geneplotter

Name Description
multiecdf Multiple empirical cumulative distribution functions (ecdf) and densities
cScale A function for mapping chromosome length to a number of points.
cPlot A plotting function for chromosomes.
alongChrom A function for plotting expression data from an ExpressionSet for a given chromosome.
groupedHeatmap Heatmap of a matrix with grouped rows and columns
imageMap-methods Write an HTML IMG tag together with a MAP image map.
amplicon.plot Create an amplicon plot
GetColor A function to get the Red-Blue color scheme used by dChip
expressionSet133a A small dataset for testing
Makesense Produce Smoothed Sense/Anti-sense For All Chromosomes
make.chromOrd Make a chromOrd object
openHtmlPage Open and close an HTML file for writing.
plotChr Plot Smoothed Sense/Anti-sense of Specified Chromosomes
plotExpressionGraph A function to plot a graph colored by expression data
cColor A function for marking specific probes on a cPlot.
savepng Save the contents of the current graphics device to a file
histStack Stacked histogram
plotMA-methods Generate an MA plot
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