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A New, Fast, and Outlier Resistant Hierarchical Clustering Algorithm

A new hierarchical clustering linkage criterion: the Genie algorithm links two clusters in such a way that a chosen economic inequity measure (e.g., the Gini index) of the cluster sizes does not increase drastically above a given threshold. Benchmarks indicate a high practical usefulness of the introduced method: it most often outperforms the Ward or average linkage in terms of the clustering quality while retaining the single linkage speed, see (Gagolewski et al. 2016a <DOI:10.1016/j.ins.2016.05.003>, 2016b <DOI:10.1007/978-3-319-45656-0_16>) for more details.

Functions in genie

Name Description
genie-package The Genie Package
hclust2 Fast Hierarchical Clustering in Arbitrary Spaces Equipped With
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Type Package
Date 2017-04-27
License GPL (>= 3)
LinkingTo Rcpp (>= 0.12.10)
SystemRequirements OpenMP, C++11
RoxygenNote 6.0.1
NeedsCompilation yes
Packaged 2017-04-27 15:29:11 UTC; gagolews
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2017-04-27 15:44:40 UTC

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