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Accelerating 'ggplot2'

The aim of 'ggplot2' is to aid in visual data investigations. This focus has led to a lack of facilities for composing specialised plots. 'ggforce' aims to be a collection of mainly new stats and geoms that fills this gap. All additional functionality is aimed to come through the official extension system so using 'ggforce' should be a stable experience.



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Accelerating ggplot2

ggforce is a package aimed at providing missing functionality to ggplot2 through the extension system introduced with ggplot2 v2.0.0. Broadly speaking ggplot2 has been aimed primarily at explorative data visualization in order to investigate the data at hand, and less at providing utilities for composing custom plots a la D3.js. ggforce is mainly an attempt to address these “shortcoming” (design choices might be a better description). The goal is to provide a repository of geoms, stats, etc. that are as well documented and implemented as the official ones found in ggplot2.


You can install the released version of ggforce from CRAN with:


And the development version from GitHub with:

# install.packages("devtools")


ggforce is by design a collection of features with the only commonality being their tie to the ggplot2 API. Because of this an overview of all features would get too long for a README. The package has a website where every feature is described and justified with examples and plots. There should be a plot in the README of a visualization package though, so without further ado:

#> Loading required package: ggplot2
ggplot(iris, aes(Petal.Length, Petal.Width, colour = Species)) +
  geom_point() +
  facet_zoom(x = Species == "versicolor")

Code of Conduct

Please note that the ‘ggforce’ project is released with a Contributor Code of Conduct. By contributing to this project, you agree to abide by its terms.

Functions in ggforce

Name Description
facet_matrix Facet by different data columns
facet_wrap_paginate Split facet_wrap over multiple plots
gather_set_data Tidy data for use with geom_parallel_sets
facet_row One-dimensional facets
facet_grid_paginate Split facet_grid over multiple plots
facet_stereo Create a stereogram plot
geom_arc Arcs based on radius and radians
geom_arc_bar Arcs and wedges as polygons
facet_zoom Facet data for zoom with context
geom_autodensity A distribution geoms that fills the panel and works with discrete and continuous data
geom_circle Circles based on center and radius
geom_ellipse Draw (super)ellipses based on the coordinate system scale
geom_diagonal Draw horizontal diagonals
geom_diagonal_wide Draw an area defined by an upper and lower diagonal
geom_autopoint A point geom specialised for scatterplot matrices
geom_bezier Create quadratic or cubic bezier curves
geom_voronoi Voronoi tesselation and delaunay triangulation
geom_mark_ellipse Annotate areas with ellipses
ggforce-package ggforce: Accelerating 'ggplot2'
theme_no_axes Theme without axes and gridlines
geom_mark_circle Annotate areas with circles
geom_bspline_closed Create closed b-spline shapes
geom_bspline B-splines based on control points
interpolateDataFrame Interpolate layer data
geom_spiro Draw spirograms based on the radii of the different "wheels" involved
geom_shape Draw polygons with expansion/contraction and/or rounded corners
geom_parallel_sets Create Parallel Sets diagrams
geom_sina Sina plot
n_pages Determine the number of pages in a paginated facet plot
geom_regon Draw regular polygons by specifying number of sides
linear_trans Create a custom linear transformation
scale_unit Position scales for units data
scale_depth Scales for depth perception
GeomShape ggforce extensions to ggplot2
trans_reverser Reverse a transformation
radial_trans Create radial data in a cartesian coordinate system
power_trans Create a power transformation object
position_auto Jitter based on scale types
geom_link Link points with paths
geom_mark_hull Annotate areas with hulls
position_jitternormal Jitter points with normally distributed random noise
geom_mark_rect Annotate areas with rectangles
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Collate 'RcppExports.R' 'aaa.R' 'shape.R' 'arc_bar.R' 'arc.R' 'autodensity.R' 'autohistogram.R' 'autopoint.R' 'bezier.R' 'bspline.R' 'bspline_closed.R' 'circle.R' 'diagonal.R' 'diagonal_wide.R' 'ellipse.R' 'facet_grid_paginate.R' 'facet_matrix.R' 'facet_row.R' 'facet_stereo.R' 'facet_wrap_paginate.R' 'facet_zoom.R' 'ggforce_package.R' 'ggproto-classes.R' 'interpolate.R' 'link.R' 'mark_circle.R' 'mark_ellipse.R' 'mark_hull.R' 'mark_label.R' 'mark_rect.R' 'parallel_sets.R' 'position-jitternormal.R' 'position_auto.R' 'position_floatstack.R' 'regon.R' 'scale-depth.R' 'scale-unit.R' 'sina.R' 'spiro.R' 'themes.R' 'trans.R' 'trans_linear.R' 'utilities.R' 'voronoi.R'
NeedsCompilation yes
Packaged 2019-08-20 07:57:53 UTC; thomas
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2019-08-20 09:50:05 UTC

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